Do you wake up each morning expecting great opportunities to present themselves to you? When you expect great opportunities they will be there, you only need to be ready to see them. Your attitude determines whether or not you’ll see those opportunities.

Are you like Bob or Sam? The other day I ran into Bob. When I asked Bob how things were going he said, “terrible with the economy the way it is and living costs on the rise nobody has the money to buy insurance from me. It’s like beating my head against a brick wall trying to get anyone to talk to me.” A little later in the same day I ran into Sam. Sam was all smiles literally vibrating with excitement. Sam said, “Cheryl, I have to tell you things couldn’t be better and the future couldn’t be brighter with a down economy and rising living costs people need me more than ever”.

You don’t have to guess which agent is the successful agent and which agent is struggling to hang on. Bob and Sam live in the same community and for all general purposes they’re both selling the same thing, so how can Bob and Sam have such vastly different experiences? The difference is in their attitudes and expectancy for opportunities.

Deep down Bob is no better than the prospects he complains about. Bob views insurance as an expense too. In fact, he keeps delaying purchasing insurance for himself because there’s always another bill that needs to be paid. He turns down opportunity after opportunity all day long because his attitude doesn’t allow him to even see those opportunities for sales.

Sam believes in the value he brings to his clients and he’s committed to improving their lives. Sam would be utterly shocked to learn that Bob or anyone could think of insurance as an expense when it’s the greatest investment you can make. Sam knows there are opportunities in absolutely every experience he has, and he keeps a sharp lookout for those opportunities. He knows that even he misses some, however, he doesn’t miss many. Sam also knows that opportunities are just that opportunities. It’s his job to turn those opportunities into something more.

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