During sweeps week the television stations break-out their best programming in an effort to drive their ratings up. They know if they can catch a viewers attention and then give them something they want the viewer is likely to tune in as a regular viewer each week. The stations performance during sweeps week has a big financial impact on future commercial sales.

So, what does sweeps week have to do with your sales? There’s nothing stopping you from scheduling your own sweeps week. It’s amazing how one week can turn around any set-backs you’ve had and result in the best year you’ve ever had.

Open your calendar right now and pick one week about 6 months from now. Mark this week out as completely full booked solid, and don’t allow any none sales appointment obligations in your calendar for that week. Now start planning exactly what you’ll do to fill every appointment for every day that week with highly qualified prospects. Allow absolutely no suspect appointments during your sweeps week.

Six weeks is ample time to plan to put together a focused marketing campaign to fill your sweeps week. Identify a group of very narrowly described potential prospects that you’ll hold appointments with that week. Develop a 3-pronged plan for attracting these prospects and securing sales appointments, and put that plan into action. Don’t overlook the value of letting prospects know about this special week and the importance of it not just for you, but for them too.

As you’re planning plan for the immediate week before your sweeps week and the week immediately following your sweeps week. The week before will be very intense as this will be your rush to the deadline push to fill any yet unfilled appointments for the following week. And the week after you’ll need some down time perhaps scheduling time away with family and friends as a reward for the sacrifices they’ve made helping you to make your sweeps week a huge success. When you’re sweeps week is over you’ll have significantly boosted your sales, learned some valuable lessons in attracting prospects and securing appointments, and bolstered your confidence for the next 6 months until it’s sweeps week time again.

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