Do you get to the end of the sales presentation only to be thanked for the information and ever so nicely invited to keep in touch? Ouch! Zig Ziglar refers to this as being a professional visitor. So, what happened how did you come to this point only to walk away empty handed?

Do you even realize that you are truly walking away with nothing? You see, many sales people think this is leaving the door open for future opportunities while the facts indicate you’ve just been handed a “no” that will stay a “no” more often than not. You’ve just had an unsuccessful sales conversation.

You think the problem is you don’t know how to close, however, the real problem is much earlier in the sales conversation. To reach a point where you can close or the prospect will close themselves for you the prospect must uncover a reason to act that is so powerfully motivating to them that taking action is what they’ll do. And that motivation, my friend, comes during the discovery or investigation part of the sales process.

And that motivation isn’t developed listening to you talk. Your prospect develops that motivation by telling you about what they want. They have to emotionally experience both getting it and not getting it mentally as they tell you all about it. Sales isn’t about telling it’s about mutual discovery.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of making a buying decision with the help of a sales professional you know exactly what this feels like. And feeling is an all important component for motivation that leads to buying. They never made the mistake of telling you what you wanted, why you should want it, and how having it was going to make you feel, or how not having it was going to ruin your life. Nope, they let you convince yourself by yourself with a little guidance from them.

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