One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to go for the close too soon. Now I don’t literally mean asking for the sale. What I mean by going for the close too soon is that you jump to your solution or outcome too soon in the sales conversation ruining any chances you have for closing anything.

Here’s how and why it happens. You and the prospect are having a nice sales conversation. You’re sitting there patiently waiting for the prospect to tell you about a problem they have, or something they want.

And, bang, the second they do you’re all over it. You’re so anxious to sell them something you can’t wait for them to tell you about their problem or what they want. And being the expert, the minute you hear about a problem you have a solution for you immediately begin to puke all over the prospect telling them more than they ever wanted to hear about your solution. You’re so excited you can hardly contain yourself.

And then you can’t figure out what happened or why the prospect doesn’t buy. You fell into a deadly sales trap and you didn’t even know it. A prospect will rarely tell you the real thing they want the real problem that’s driving them nuts right out of the gate. Practice some self-control and restraint my selling friend.

Don’t allow yourself to even mention outcomes or solutions until the prospect has shared a minimum of 3 things they want or big problems they have. Then get the prospect to prioritize those wants or problems for you. Once you fully understand what those wants or problems mean to the prospect then and only then are you ready to ask the prospect if they would be interested in hearing some ideas for how to get what they want or ways to remove what they don’t want.

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