Parents who are concerned about vaccines do have another choice.

I have a Practitioners diploma in homeopathic medicine with the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy and Heilkunst. As part of my curriculum the subject of homeoprophylaxis (HP) was discussed. Homeoprophylaxis is the administration of homeopathic medicines to induce in the patient immunity against a particular disease. Natural immunity – based on principles of natural law, you can receive a protection against the flu or any disease including polio, tetanus, and measles etc using homeoprophylaxis. This is a completely minute dose that is using the actual disease material, (nosode) except in a non-toxic dose. Potenization (dynamization) is a process of dilution and shaking (succession) that removes a lot of the strong effects of medicines, which Hahnemann was trying to achieve in his work. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, in the Cure and Prevention of Scarlet Fever (1801), another endorsed extension of the Organon, introduced the use of homeopathic remedies for prophylaxis. He discovered that a specific remedy will act to prevent an infectious disease in the still healthy. Also that the same specific remedy will also treat those already infected with the disease. If vaccine damage has been done it can be reversed using homeoprophylaxis sequentially.

Homeoprophylaxis – A Fifteen year clinical study has been completed by Dr. Isaac Golden PhD, D.Hom. N.D>, B.Ec(Hon). Isaac believes that HP has a great deal to offer to parents. It can improve their children’s quality of life through fewer episodes of distressing disease, through using a method of disease prevention which has no toxic reactions. The purpose of his report is to provide the homeopathic community with factual information about the efficacy and safety of his long-term HP program. Many different HP programs have been used by homeopaths over the last 200 years, but the results reported in his results may be used as an objective benchmark against which to evaluate other programs. Dr. Isaac Golden’s study is intended to show governments and Public Health authorities the potential value of an appropriate HP program as an option to conventional vaccinations. Also to point that the dual system of homeoprophylaxis and vaccination has the potential to both expand national coverage against targeted infectious diseases and reduce the incidence of childhood illnesses such as asthma and eczema and autism. His report does not take issue the opponents of HP within either the homeopathic or the pharmaceutical communities, nor with the risks and benefits of vaccination except as they directly compare to HP, nor does it discuss philosophical issues concerning HP, including the question of whether some diseases should be prevented at all.

I have parents who vaccinate their children, some who use homeoprophylaxis and some who use the wait for symptoms approach, some who rely on constitutional prevention and some who do nothing at all. I would like to see parents protect their children against serious diseases because they are real without the fear involved with huge crude doses. My biggest concern is that parents will avoid vaccinating their children due to fear of bad effects and we may see a rise is some serious childhood diseases as a result. I would rather prevent pertussis than wait to see the symptoms to treat it. They all have my support. Once parents have been told of available options then it becomes their decision as to how to treat and prevent infectious diseases in their own children.
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