As we move into these powerful times of change, there will be many opportunities to feel vulnerable and wonder if we are prepared and what more we need to do. It is important to remember that we will be fine, and that we chose to be here right now, to help shift human culture from one of individualism, competition and greed to one of community, co-operation and gratitude. It is in our best interest to let go of what does not serve the whole in a good and sacred way, to visualize the wonderful world we are in the process of creating, and to collectively shift up an octave to a higher level of awareness.

How we choose to move through these changes will impact our future: by reaching out to others, being helpful and supportive, generous and positive, we will bring those qualities forward into our lives and the lives of those around us. The more we resonate from a place of love and truth, the more others will be attracted to that same resonance until it sweeps through the population, and we find ourselves in a new golden age. Feeling aligned with our true self enables us to have the energy to make good choices, manifest more easily, and resonate with integrity.

One way we can alchemically get back into alignment with our true self is through sound. Chanting Ah-Om (Ah-attraction, Om-gratitude) is one that I like to use. Another more personal technique is to work with our sacred astro sound; the sound of the universe at the exact moment of our birth.

The spheres we call planets and moons, like all living things, are made of waves and particles which produce a vibration or pattern of resonance. Just as a blade of grass produces a tone when we blow on it in our hands, so too does each planet as it orbits the sun, zooming through the galactic wind. Pythagorus claimed he could hear the planets and attributed a note to each one based on their mathematical distances. Later, scientists worked with the music of the spheres and devised tonal zodiac systems. Suffice it to say, at that moment of our birth the planets were toning, and to hear our astrological chart played is to hear our own song.

Errol Francis of Asoma Music, working with his partner Lisa, are creating sacred astro sound recordings for people in their studio in Killaloe, Ontario. Errol has been writing vibrationally healing music for years; for example, he just finished working with Dan Millman (Way of the Peaceful Warrior) using sound to implant wisdom within the body, to assist in deeper and fuller learning and remembering of sacred laws through sound vibration (

The sacred astro songs which Asoma Music creates not only utilize the sound of the planets, based on the work of Pythagorus, Keppler, and others, but also use the dominant vowel sound in our first name when reproducing the planet tones.

For example, my Sun and Moon are in Virgo which is the musical note F, and my rising is in Aquarius which is A#. So these notes were toned using the ‘i’ sound in K’i’m. As we toned my sound together in their studio, I felt relaxed and clear, uplifted and strong. If you are interested, you can either arrange a weekend workshop, which is fun because your own voice is worked into the CD you will take home with you, or they can work with you directly by email and a downloadable mp3, based on your chart. (Visit their website:

Listening to our sacred astro song for 20 minutes a day is a wonderful technique for bringing ourselves into alignment. It is great to listen to when waking up or falling asleep to help us be more receptive to Source as we move through our day, or our dreams. (There is a caution not to drive a car while listening to it, because it is working at such a deep and profound level.) It is also valuable for easing and correcting physical and emotional discord, which can lead to disease. “The body is held together by sound – the presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune.” (Dr Deepak Chopra).

Listening to our sacred astro song can keep us in tune with what we came into the world to express, and what better way to become the change we want to create for this sweet world of ours.

You can contact Asoma Music by email at, or phone: 613-757-2000.

Author's Bio: 

Kim is the co-owner of the Algonquin Tea Co which grows, produces and manufactures organic herb teas in the Upper Ottawa Valley.

Kim has been writing a monthly column with Vitality Magazine in Toronto, since 1995. Her column, Sacred Journey's is about exploring the profound meaningfulness of everyday life.

Kim is most recently a certified Bowen practitioner, who has also been trained in Reiki, Reflexology and Therapeutic Touch. Over the last fifteen years.

Kim has coordinated lecture series in healthy living in Toronto, and co-facilitated workshops in a variety of topics that explore self-discovery.

Kim's Masters is from University of Guelph where she focused on anthropology and specifically the Collective Social Imagination.