Little causes more heated debate and potentially hurt feelings than the topic of religion between people of differing opinions and faiths. While religious values and tradition have been of great comfort to millions of people, it has also caused enmity between neighbours, civil strife and even wars that have led to the annihilation of at least as many millions.

Of course, it is seldom the religion itself that advocates any hatred or violence, or even non-acceptance of others, but the righteousness of its proponents who cannot believe that another’s belief is as good as his or hers. “Your God isn’t as good as my God” quickly converts into “You are not as good as me.”

Underlying all religions is the sense of spirituality that forms their basis. What would that sense of spirit be like without being attached to any religion? What would it be like not attached to any concept of God, or a “higher power”?

My very personal view is that we have had to create that concept of God in order to deal with the wonder and mystery of life, which is too vast a question for any human to understand. Instead of being content to accept the wonder, we have to explain it. If we were to let that go we could be spiritual without being religious. And once we are in a state of wonder without explanation, I believe we are in the state of spiritual awareness that embraces all individuals.

No, I don’t expect to change the world with this message. I do hope to provoke some thoughtful discussion, and maybe even some heightened unity among my friends of many different beliefs.

In peace

Warren Redman

Author's Bio: 

Warren Redman trained in the UK as a psychotherapist, facilitator and coach and has developed his own unique style of Life Coaching which he calls Emotional Fitness Coaching. He is president of the Emotional Fitness Institute (formally the Centre for Inner Balancing), writing about, teaching and coaching people in success skills of Emotional Fitness. He is the author of fifteen books, including the Award-winning The 9 steps to Emotional Fitness, Achieving Personal Success and Recipes for Inner Peace.

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