When looking for a way to reach the public, website owners are searching for effective, as well as cost-efficient methods to advertise their products and services. In a world of innovative marketing approaches that take place across the Internet, pay-per-click (PPC) techniques and SEO (search engine optimization) are some of the most commonly used selections. To help make a decision easier between the two, the pros and cons associated with these popular methods of online marketing are listed below:

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is becoming an increasingly popular way to entice Internet users to frequent a website, as search engines latch on to effective SEO efforts. In a nutshell, websites are prepared in such a way that their presence is improved in regards to search engine listings.

SEO Advantages

After the initial work for search engine optimization is complete, all a website owner has to do is sit back and watch traffic grow. When compared to the cost of PPC, search engine optimization is considered much less pricier, as most of the costs are upfront, while maintaining the SEO work is free. A website that has undergone SEO enjoys a broader range of coverage that translates onto all search engines across the globe. One of the best advantages associated with search engine optimization comes when optimized sites possess links that point to other sites. Overall, this increases the chances of all search engines finding and indexing a website, which often translates into websites receiving traffic from search engines they never knew existed.

SEO Disadvantages

The drawbacks associated with search engine optimization is mostly seen in the changes that a professional must make to a website. While most changes are rather easy to complete and are often unseen by the untrained eye, it is the website owner who often becomes the most disturbed by changes, especially if they have invested a great amount of time in establishing their site in the first place. A website owner may show resistance towards the change.

When it comes to the results seen in rankings and traffic, many site owners experience a slow start, which often builds with time. Generally, within three to four months of website submission, rankings usually reach a plateau. With SEO, there is no guarantee that the effort will work, as there are no magical numbers or results to look forward to. Traffic results are unpredictable. Additionally, there is also a limit to the number of search terms a website may target in accordance to the number of pages involved.

Overall, search engine optimization is best for those who can stand to wait a bit of time before enjoying results, which may come later in the future across every search engine in the world. SEO fits budgets that wish to get upfront costs over with and concentrate on saving money later. Individuals with fairly uncomplicated websites and who don’t want to manage or sustain their site on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis may benefit the most from SEO marketing.

Pay-Per Click Advertising Programs

This form of advertising makes most of its impact by enticing others to "click" in order to receive more information. Today, a wide range of PPC programs offers an array of benefits and advantages across the Internet. Google and Yahoo supply some of the most popular.

PPC Advantages

When looking for a fast method of online marketing, pay-per-click advertising programs are rather fast to put into action. Within about two to three weeks, you should see a drastic improvement in the amount of traffic and online interest your website receives. Depending on the route you decide upon, you may utilize Google AdWords or focus on Yahoo Search Marketing. Overture listings also have the capacity to go live within three to five days. There is also a way to easily test a variety of search terms, descriptions, and other details.

Many website owners enjoy the fact that their site does not have to undergo any change. Through the bidding process, individuals are not limited to the number of terms they may fight for. Promotions also work well with PPC campaigns because of the ability to turn on and off such features. There is also the issue of control, as the placement and details of a listing are easily maintained. The placement of PPC listings is typically higher on many search engine results pages when taking the "sponsored listings" approach over editorial listings.

PPC Disadvantages

While there are plenty of advantages attached to a pay-per-click advertising campaign, one must possess the proper budget to accommodate clicks, which can get quite expensive (especially when bidding wars take place). As more website owners, businesses, and companies catch wind of PPC, the bids will only continue to rise. Every month, the costs never waver, as you must keep paying for the clicks and if your budget doesn’t allow such payments – your listings vanish and your search engine traffic falters.

Sometimes, Internet users will bypass sponsored listings since they already know they are a form of advertising and may immediately seek out editorial listings. The time involved monitoring PPC campaigns is often time-consuming, as you are required to adjust your listings on a continual basis in order to stay ahead of the game. Also, listings will appear on most popular search engines within the United States, but may not surface in other locations. This means your visibility is limited.

Overall, pay-per-click advertising is best for website owners who can't wait to start solidifying their presence on the Internet. Sites with the prospect of running various promotional campaigns that require time limits of online exposure may enjoy the benefits of PPC advertising. Pay-per-click marketing also fits well into the plans of individuals who have enough money to spare, as well as have their eye on reaching one of the top 10 positions on search engines across the United States.

In Conclusion

If you are limited by your budget or time, you may side with either PPC or SEO, but it is also not uncommon to see companies and business select both, especially when they want quick and immediate results with the potential of long-term benefits in the future.

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