In our high-speed society, there is a quick fix for everything. Our rational minds are sharp and facile. If we have a problem we find someone who knows how to fix it and we follow through—no problem.

That may work for your computer. But emotional, spiritual and general problems of energy and attitude run deep. Changes or corrections at the surface may not endure. For underlying the rational function of the brain are the limbic, intuitive and other deep structures that powerfully influence our attitudes, behaviors, and bodies. Contrary to the high value placed on language, neuroscientist Antonio Damasio discovered that “Consciousness is the feeling that we have feelings” (Time, 9/18/99). It’s what we sense at a non- or pre-verbal level.

The source of this sensing is the deep psyche. Its ancient structures carry the blueprint of our authentic selves—our unique mix of individual and ancestral qualities. It is not the self insisted on by family and society, but our true self. And the closer we come to our original self the more organically and authentically we can deal with problems.
The language of the deep psyche is symbolic. It sends its healing messages in meaningful images such as moods, colors, shapes, people, animals, trees, landscapes, buildings, pathways and countless forms, even words. This language is sometimes obvious and sometimes so ‘weird’, it appears indecipherable to anyone not trained in symbolism.

Fortunately, we can access the deep psyche in many ways, through what are known as ‘expressive arts therapies.’ One is sandplay, which provides hundreds of miniature figures from nature and culture that you ‘play’ with in a box of sand. As you make worlds with the earthy sand and water and the little figures, you ‘dream awake,’ the psyche speaks. Another is to work with dreams that are themselves works of art. A trained analyst can help you relate to and work with the profound symbols sent by the healing center of your psyche.
Sand and dream work can be done exclusively or in combination, depending on your preference. Either way, traditional talk therapy is included but the sand and/or dream work act as powerful tools to bring you the organic wisdom of the deep psyche, and that makes all the difference.

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