Maria Mays increased her income by 1/3 in just one month!

Wouldn't you like to know how she did that?
Just a hint for now--She used a BEING SOLUTION called, "Strategic Synchronicity" to attract the Perfect Customer and solve her income problems. Here's how I introduced her to that BEING SOLUTION:

When I asked Maria, my massage therapist,
"How's business?,"

Maria answered,
I've been trying for years to get my massage business income up and over the $3000 a month mark, but that hasn't happened for more than a month or two at a time.

That's when I asked her,
"If I could show you a simple strategy that would take you over that $3000 mark to stay, would you be interested?"

She replied,
"Yes, of course! Please show me how I can do that!"

I explained,
"The procedure is called "Strategic Synchronicity". Do you know what synchronicity is?

She responded,
"Yes, that's like knowing who is calling before you pick up the phone."

I agreed,
"Yes that's it exactly!
Having thoughts about someone you haven't seen for ages, and then having that person call or show up at your front door the next day is not really a coincidence. It's the law of attraction working and it's called "synchronicity.

We are all interconnected in ways we haven't even begun to imagine or even understand.

Although "synchronicity" is the logical end result of a spiritual law in action, you don't need to know about this law or understand how it works in order to use it; all you need to know for now is that it works, and that you can use it strategically."

When you use " Synchronicity" STRATEGICALLY, you can have WHO AND WHAT YOU WANT show up in your life as a result of having simply made the appropriate BEING choice.

Do I have your attention, Maria?"

Maria responded,
"Yes you have! Tell me more!"

"I will, but first answer a couple questions for me; in terms of having your work-day as a massage therapist be difficult or easy, I want you to tell me what your worst customer looks like."

She answered,
"I have two kinds of clients that make my job difficult. One of them calls on Monday morning expecting a same-day massage, becoming upset when I say 'No.'

The other, even more difficult client type, schedules a massage and then forgets to show up."

"Okay, now that we know what your worst customer looks like, tell me what your best customers look like."

"Oh that's easy,"

"The best ones schedule ahead of time, have massages on a regular basis and always show up or give ample notice when they can't make it."

"Okay, Maria,
for your first step in this 'Strategic Synchronicity" Exercise,' I want you to think about what your life would be like if only the best of clients showed up every day for the next month. Got that picture clearly in mind? Good!

The solution to almost any problem you can face in life will be found when you choose a new way of BEING that takes you to where you must BE in consciousness before your problem can dissolve and disappear.

So, Maria, I want you to visualize yourself BEING someone who attracts only the best customers.

Once you have that picture clearly in mind, I want you to maintain that new BEING vision for thirty minutes daily for one full month.

This process works best when you break that thirty minutes into three ten-minute segments, perhaps morning, noon and night. Maintain your BEING vision for the full month; then report back to me with the results."

Maria agreed to do the exercise, and during that month I totally forgot that I had given her the assignment. At the end of one month, when I showed up for my weekly massage, Maria, with a great deal of excitement, joyfully reported,

"Guess what? I did over $4,000 this month!

Think about that!
After trying unsuccessfully for five years, Maria increased her income by 1/3 in just one month! Is that incredible, or what?

Was this some sort of miracle?
No. Not really.

In fact the exact opposite is the real truth. Her seemingly amazing income increase, accomplished in only one month, was no miracle; it was just the natural end result of what happens when we've made a new BEING choice.

Could a new BEING DECISION do the same thing for your life or your business? You bet!

Why do a BEING changes solve problems?
We live under the influence of two spiritual laws that, combined, dictate what we may or may not have in our lives. The first of those spiritual laws decides who we will BE. It reads:
We become what we think about.

The other spiritual law decides what we may HAVE from life. That one reads What you have in your life must correspond exactly to who you are.

So, the combined effect those two laws will have on your life is that even though you don't like what your life is like right now, you're stuck with it. That's because what you have in your life is what fits your current BEING choice. There are two reasons why you're stuck.

Reason number one:
You have become what you've thought about, and while you were having those thoughts, you really didn't have a clue that with each thought, you were making a BEING choice.

Reason number two:
You're stuck with what you have or don't have in your life because that's what belongs in the reality that goes with your chosen way of BEING. That's the bad news!

The good news is that you can make a new BEING choice. It's never too late to change your mind about who you will BE. And changing who you are BEING automatically changes what belongs in your life.

My book, BEING THE SOLUTION will show you how YOU TOO, can make the BEING choice that will attract the quality of life you've always wanted. Go to and check it out.

I'm not kidding! You will attract into your life whatever you want by simply choosing to BE the one to whom it belongs.

Is it really that simple?
Yes it is!

Could it really be that easy?
Whoa! I didn't say it was easy. I said it was simple.

The Cosmic joke is that we go through life saying, where's my tomatoes, when we planted cucumbers.

We say,
"Poor me. I didn't have a choice."
when we really did choose."

Don't you think that's funny? Well, why aren't you laughing?

In the movie, "As Good as It Gets," Jack Nicholson asks the other mental patients in the waiting room, "What if this is as good as it gets?" Wasn't that a great movie? Well, I want YOU to ask yourself that same question as a sort of wake up call.

Take a good hard look at your life and ask yourself, "Is this as good as it gets?" The obvious answer is, "Yes, this IS as good as it gets---until I make the new BEING decision that will take me to the next level in this exciting Game of Life!"

Make no mistake about it! All thoughts are seeds planted in your subconscious mind. Those thoughts are BEING choices disguised to look like attitudes, opinions and points of view. With each thought, you are choosing who you will BE under the circumstances.

Stances, once taken, work in the garden of your mind as seeds planted, and those seeds produce a harvest the same, as do the seeds in your garden.

When you plant your vegetable garden, notice that both the tomato seed and the cucumber seed were planted in the exact same soil, yet each seed produced an entirely different harvest. How can that be? The power to BE is in the seed!

Well, a new BEING choice works the same way-like a seed planted. You decide WHO you will BE, and like with the tomato seed, the Universe provides you with everything that belongs in the reality that belongs with that BEING choice. Really! That IS the way life works.

So if you're ready for a change, the place to go to learn BEING SOLUTIONS is

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