The difference between self-improvement and self- transformation is one of scale. Self-improvement is
constructive change on the first story of a tall building, the first story representing the connecting level to the temporary world of projects and people. Self-transformation begins on the second story and reaches new intensity with each ascent. It lies in the vertical direction as you inhabit higher and higher levels. In fact, the "begets" in the Bible symbolize this continuous spiritual metamorphosis.

Self-improvement and self-transformation are not in conflict. It is a positive and healthy endeavor to study, make connections and develop new skills and capabilities on the first story of the building. Self-transformation is activated through a new determination to use the experiences and opportunities of daily life to climb to higher and higher levels of spiritual comprehension.

Clutter, laziness and rigidity on the first level can rob your energy and attention, whereas a well developed, well organized and energetic mind contributes to your spiritual possibilities. Vernon Howard said in a talk once, "Willingly participate in the activities of the world, be it social, family or business. Learn to use the world as a schoolroom in which to develop and learn flexibility."


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Tom Russell edits the SuperWisdom Ezine, a weekly publication that focuses on the spiritual psychology of author Vernon Howard