These visions need the right environment in order to grow, a place where the soul feels at home and is connected to the universe. As I hear your heartfelt dreams, I know of the courage and strength it takes to even speak of your intimate call for love and fulfillment. Many of you have felt separate from spiritual connection, unable to give your true essence to the world. Feeling betrayed, like spiritual orphans, you have been seeking the sanctuary of the spirit. The wounded self wanted to escape into another dimension. We now must create new foundations and bring spirit into the world in a whole new way.

Our visions are coming of age, capable to manifesting ways that may not have been possible before. The deep feelings within these visions are surfacing, offering the road map for making major leaps in consciousness. This requires a purification of the personality, a dissolving of old resentments, and a restoring of hope. We realize that we are now big enough to embrace suffering without loosing our vision. As we heal the memory of the broken dreams, we can allow our essence to be reborn.

Everything is speeding up. When you set an intention, it manifests much faster. Old patterns are more apparent and easier to penetrate. If you are willing, you can restructure into a more creative, truth-loving consciousness. This time is ripe to plant your deepest desires, allowing the soul to emerge. Like any seedling, the most intense care is needed in the beginning. With proper nourishment, these dreams will bear fruit for years to come. Our work is to plant our deepest hearts? desire and learn the necessity of caring for the Soul; remembering that anything is possible.

This awakening process requires a strong connection to the source of Creation. The power of Divine Nature is coming through archetypes like the magician, the alchemist, the Goddess. These archetypes are a source of energy that can fuel our personality with vitality and remove obstacles as we connect with them. We have been using an energy we call the Creator Matrix. When we used this force field in our workshops, it was amazing to watch this energetic as it entered the personality. Our sight changed. It became easier to clear barriers and move forward with courage and confidence. With the willingness to align the heart with the Creator Matrix, unconditional love and compassion became more available. We were brought to the root of our attachments and asked to listen. These new archetypes hold the blueprint to the world we have been dreaming about. We experienced a purification process that asked us to take charge of our life from the creative being that we know we can be. If you want your power center free of delusion, your deeper vision must be fueled by love, not fear.

This can happen only if the heart is open and willing to see the truth. When we connect to the Creator archetype, we experience a feeling of neutrality that allows the light and dark of situations to be revealed without judgment. Clarity and discernment take the place of judgment and fear. This provides the ability to make good choices, to know what is right and to take compassionate action. This involves faith in something greater than the ego, to release unnecessary protection and unshackle your personality from destructive habits.

As you move beyond survival, you need a new code of behavior. To live in joy and ease means you come to your conflict creatively and change your relationship to obstacles. Recognizing the mental state of struggle and worry is the first step. Survival consciousness breaks the alignment with the higher self, leaving you in fear and separation. When you lose the awareness of divine timing, become lost in conflict and confusion, you live in reaction rather than in alignment. This separation takes you out of the driver's seat of your own reality. These struggles give voice to suppressed pain, which is unable to express itself any other way. By connecting to a creative archetype, the deeper wound of alienation heals and brings back your vision, allowing wisdom. You see what you have learned through the pain and choose a new road to freedom. Returning to your true purpose, it turns the struggling ego into a strength of determination.

The happiness of your Spirit must become the first priority. This love and faith go beyond the circumstances of your life. The living Spirit of the creative makes the world brighter, more present. You can learn to operate without fear and struggle, not because the world has reached utopia but because your essential self is more available, offering peace and a sense of humor. You experience the true power of co-creation, that God is within, equalizing the essential self within the personality, bringing ease and balance into all your endeavors. You learn how to play more and make every moment count. In this time of revealing, concepts of spiritual truth are more available than ever. The next step is to experience their true energetic meaning. We have read the instruction book of the divine, now we must learn how to play the instrument.

Know Your Essence

We often define our dreams in terms of things we want, like a grocery list of needs. We encourage you to define your dream from a place of deeper substance. The essence of your soul will manifest in the outside world to the degree that it lives inside. You may want a house or partner for security reasons. The first step is to find this security within. Until you feel faith, you will live in fear of loss, even if you have what you desire. Find the deeper motive behind your asking. Learn to trust your dreams and visions .

Every desire has an electromagnetic field. This field provides the magnetism and power needed to accomplish your goals. If you are thirsty, it provides the energy to get water. If you are lonely, it gives the inspiration to call friends and connect. If your needs are consistently denied, your energy field can collapse. This leaves the personality numb and apathetic, as a way of protecting itself from suffering. The desire does not go away, but the energy to make it happen does. You may assert yourself but secretly believe that it is not possible, that you are not deserving. When the energetic field collapses, love feels out of reach. You will find that the new archetypes of Creation help restore these electromagnetic fields, bringing the springtime back to your dreams. You will see where the power was lost and learn how to hold new essence in your body. Without learning how to magnetize the field, you are stuck in a vacuum. Find out if you are rejecting the th! ings you are asking for, sending a double message. Bring healing to your contradictions and ask again.

As you enter into the essence of your dream, be passionate, live it, breathe it, let it become you.

Right Use of Emotions

Making the world a better place starts in your heart. This is your path to wisdom. Every emotion has virtue and vice. Through light and shadow, the emotions work to protect and help bring you back to the truth. When you become aware of destructive attitudes, first celebrate that you are capable of learning new ways. Anger, for example, acknowledges loss of self and fear of injustice. Used correctly, it gives power to move beyond old situations and find clarity to see things as they are. It works like a sword to cut through delusion. If anger is not handled with compassion and awareness, it can destroy the very essence it is wanting to preserve.

If you are able to contact the essence of your dream, then the ability to manifest the outer form is relatively easy. This essence lives in the heart. We have been trained to exert power over our needs, at times losing deeper meaning and purpose. Without this core connection to this essence, you will rely on your ego for exclusive power. This domination, fueled by frustration, can become a voice of destructive power. The magic gets lost. With your spirit hidden, malnourished, depression and negativity create sickness. You lose sight of the meaning and purpose of what you seek. This misalignment can cause greed, by pushing too hard or trying to do it all by yourself. You may still reach your goals but without higher mind awareness, it can be fraught with difficulty and disappointment. Without spirit, you lose faith in your ability to manifest what you truly want. The awakening of the new archetypes requires respect and responsibility. Align with the mystic, allow the mag! ic. Our first relationship is always with spirit and from this, all things come.

Author's Bio: 

A gifted psychic and counselor, Nancy is funny, direct, and informative. She evolved her work from formal studies in psychology, psychic training and many years of contemplative practice. Nancy helps you understand relationship dynamics, assists you in making clear business decisions and helps to release old patterns that are no longer useful. She supports the sacred in every person and helps you to experience your own unique gifts directly. Nancy creates a field of truth around her and her audience that allows everyone present to see what is important and to receive their own inner guidance. Errol, her husband, is the producer, manager, and facilitator of the programs. He is the grounding cord. With his open heart, he creates a place of safety and empowerment.