Many times your inability to try something new, different, and interesting by yourself is a big reason why you can’t find or attract the type of women that you want.
When you are limited in where you can go because you must go with someone else, you limit the amount of women that you have the opportunity to attract.
In addition, when you are always going out with somebody else, your ability and desire to interact with people that you not know lessens because for the most part you have gotten into the habit of interacting with people you already know while in public.
Now you are dependent on others in order to expand your social circle and that is not a good thing especially when odds are as a man your social circle is going to be limited to other guys who also depend on you in order to go out.
In other words, no one is bringing in new and interesting women into the group because you all have become dependent on each other to go out and tend to stick together.
Unless you end up going to a bar then it simply becomes a mater of which way the “spirits” move you even though once they are gone you are on your own again.
No matter what, unless you are attracting the kind of women that you want, you must begin to expand or create your social circle.
One of the easiest ways to do that is by trying new and exciting things of interest by yourself to force you into meeting new people.

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