Every little girl grows up wanting to be a beautiful princess. So is it any wonder that young girls are so attracted to rock stars, movie stars, and pop idols? 

After all, they're waiting for their gorgeous prince to ride in and rescue them, after which they'll fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after. And in today's world, these guys are the closest thing they'll find to a prince.

She thinks it's true love. But what happens when this young woman figures out she's not going to be his princess... and then realizes he's got a princess in every city? 

Here's a question from a lady in Jamaica who's enamored with someone famous and exotic, but she's afraid she's going to make a mistake taking their relationship too seriously and having a baby with him!

Dear Dan and Jennifer,

I am currently seeing someone who is part of an entourage of someone who is famous. I'm not expecting much from the relationship because I know he has girls throwing themselves at him daily. But, he brings out a certain side of me that I didn't know existed - I feel 'free' when I'm with him.

The last time we were together he asked me a very shocking question. He asked if and when I'm ready to have a child if I would have his child. I really do not know what to do about this crazy relationship.

I try to stop from thinking about him but I am unsuccessful. Is something wrong with me for wanting this type of man?

-- Shauna, Jamaica

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Embrace How You Feel. There's Nothing Wrong With You!

It's OK to feel absolutely any way that you feel. Always embrace your feelings and accept them, but also understand where they're coming from.

Being enamored with someone who has a life you can only dream of is very common, and there's nothing wrong with it. Just understand this adoration for what it truly is.

Do You Love Him or the IDEA of HIM?

He says he loves you, and you say you love him.

But the most important thing is to separate the man from the overwhelming essence of freedom, power, and glory. Love the man, not the clothes, the cars, the money, the fortune, the fame. That's his life, not yours. And it can end as abruptly as it started.

Having a love affair with his image will only leave you empty and feeling cheated when it's over.

Can You Have a Family with a Man Like This?

Sure you can, but only if you're fully ready and willing to be a single mom. The free spirit that so attracts you today is NOT "settle down and have a family" material; quite the contrary. Sure there are exceptions, but it normally doesn't work that way.

You want a family and children with this man? Great. Get together and stay together for a few years. Get married, or not, whatever your preference, and figure out if your love is true. But get close, live your lives together, and then decide if you still truly want to be together for the long run. Only then should you consider bringing children into the world together.

Before that time, you have no way to know if he'll be around. You'll still be guessing, but at least it'll be an educated guess.

How to Set Your Expectations

Is it possible to be in love with someone like this? Absolutely!

But be wary of setting expectations until you fully understand the situation. Base your plans on what is truly there, not on wishful thinking and excitement.

By all means enjoy your life and your times together, and have great fun. And let the relationship grow and evolve at it's own pace. Don't try to "lock it in" with marriage or (much worse) by having a child.

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