Recently, I was sharing some insights with a friend about developing the dream that is on the inside of us. The conversation was fairly casual until he asked me a serious question, "What do you do when people try to criticize your motives and goals for achieving a God-given dream?"

During the conversation, we discussed various ways to "Silence the voice of your critics!" I want to share some of the things we discussed with you in hopes that when you strive to venture into new and uncharted territories in your life and people give you negative feedback, speak with a pessimistic attitude or even try to deter your from accomplishing your goal, you will have the keys to move forward in spite of the voices around you.

1. Evaluate the criticism and decide if there is something useful to learn and use to bring your dream to fruition.

2. Understand that when you decided to step out of the shadows you placed yourself in the spotlight and in the aim of criticism.

3. Know that even though people may initially criticize what you are doing, if you are doing what is ordained by God; in the end those same people will celebrate your success.

4. Understand that if God gave you the dream, He is more than able to help you accomplish the dream in spite of what people are saying.

5. People don't necessarily have to like you or help you to accomplish your dream for it to come to pass.

6. Most critics are very vocal; give them something worthwhile to talk about: like how you accomplished your dream against all odds.

Reminder: "Have the courage to cause criticism to work in your favor!"

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Larry W. Robinson is the CEO of Keeping the Faith Communications. He is also the host of "Keeping the Faith" airing on numerous multi-media formats reaching millions of people on a weekly basis. He is also a contributing writer for various publications. His column offers uplifting advice as well as highlights of the latest projects and accomplishments of positive people worldwide. For an interview or review of your project, service or event call him toll-free at 1-877-815-6950 or visit