It’s impossible to ignore any longer. Your hair is beginning its transition to “sophisticated silver.” Your face is taking on the look of a “wise” woman. And your kids, friends, parents, neighbors – and mysteriously, your husband – all seem to be “changing” before your very eyes, (the ones with the latest contact lenses). No need to mention the daily battle with the bathroom scales; that goes without saying.

So what to do? Assume a devil-may-care demeanor? Tell everyone you’ve earned your face and you’re damn proud of every crease? Change your name to J-Lo? Or start a “New You” campaign and begin an extreme makeover with the ultimate goal a younger, richer husband in a different part of the country.

But wait! Before you do anything, listen carefully to what your best and closest advisor has to say. “Who’s that?” you ask. “Your intuition,” we respond.

That’s right, your intuition. You know it’s there. You’ve known it since you were a little girl, but somehow, that wonderfully accurate guidance system has grown rusty through the years – or has it been your ability to “hear” what it’s been trying to tell you? Let’s revisit your inner guide, re-learn how to interpret its messages, and get back on the road to a healthy, positive, confident You.

Trust your inner wisdom — People who believe in trusting their intuition tend to be more successful in life. Intuition is often referred to as a “hunch” or a “gut feeling.” But there are many ways to receive this vital information, which may come to you through feelings, words, physical sensations, images, fleeting impressions, or dreams. Pay attention to how you receive these impressions and check in often with your inner "Success Coach."

Ask you intuition questions — When you’re in the midst of a difficult life situation begin the habit of asking questions of your intuition. "What is it that I am here to learn?" "What is the best possible outcome for this situation?" The answer may not always leap into your mind. It takes time to retrain your thinking to “hear” the subtle messages from your guidance system. You may find that the answer comes in an impulse to try something different, or a gradual awakening to a new way of thinking about an obstacle you’re confronting. Keep in mind that your intuition can help guide you to peace in any situation.

Dream, Reflect and Meditate — Intuitive answers to life’s concerns come most easily during meditation, prayer and reflection. All you need is a few moments to still your mind. Find a place at your home or the office where you won’t be disturbed and take a few deep breaths and turn your focus within. You might find it helpful to have a centering word or words that you say to yourself. These could include, “God,” “Calm,” “Peace be still” or any other word or phrase that enables you to find the quiet place within. Know that there is wisdom in the Universe that flows through you and all around you. It has your best interests at heart. When your mind is still and your heart is open, the answers you seek can come to you.

Discover what you love to do — Each of us has chosen to come into this life with a mission that will bring us joy and enthusiasm. The root of the word enthusiasm is entheos. It literally means “God Within.” When you feel enthusiastic about your dreams it means God is speaking through you and saying “yes” to your goals! The feeling of enthusiasm is one of the ways intuition speaks to us. Successful people pay attention to what they feel passionate about. They commit to spending time each day doing what they love. For some it’s a job that pays. For others it may be volunteer work or a hobby. When you feel excited about something, that's a hint about what to pursue.

Shift your thoughts — Have you discovered yet that what you focus on becomes intensified in your life? Think about it and I’m sure you’ll agree. So why not put all your attention on what makes you happy, challenged and healthy? One of the techniques that works for me when I’m feeling upset is simply to ask myself, “Is there another way to think about this issue/concern/worry?” I catch myself in the early stages of worry and negative thinking and begin to focus on what I want instead of what I don’t want. Become aware of the inner dialog you have with yourself. Ask for guidance if you need help with this.

Don’t be afraid of fear – Fear is the biggest hurdle that stops most people from achieving their dreams. It happens when you move out of the comfort zone of the life you’ve known and into a life on the borders of your dreams. Many of us feel the fear and say, “I’m not going one step further.” Or “Give me a guarantee of success and then I’ll move forward.” Or even, “I feel scared. This must be my intuition telling me that this direction is wrong.” As you take action on your dreams you may feel as if you’re on the edge of a cliff. You’re about to take a leap of faith and no one is there to catch you. But you’re not alone. The inspiration and direction from your intuition is there to guide you safely to your hopes and dreams.

Choose to be happy —Part of learning to trust your intuition is remembering to ask, "Does this decision make me happy?" or "Do I feel energized by this decision?" There are many ways to ask the question and experience the answer, but here's the truth: your intuition will provide you with the information you need to make positive choices. Research has shown that happiness is a choice.
It is not necessarily dependent on life circumstances. There is always a positive and a negative aspect to any change that occurs in our lives, and isn’t it wonderful that we get to choose our focus?

A long time ago, I got in the habit of asking, "What's good about this situation?" I promise you that if you do the same, you’ll be surprised at the happiness that brightens your world. Have fun with all of this. And have a great life!

Author's Bio: 

Lynn Robinson, M.Ed., is one of the nation's leading experts on the topic of intuition and a best selling author. Her most recent books include Compass of the Soul: 52 Ways Intuition Can Guide You to the Life of Your Dreams (Andrews McMeel, 2003) and Divine Intuition: Your Guide to Creating a Life You Love (DK Books, 2001). Lynn is also a columnist and the Intuition-At-Work Expert for Her free monthly "Intuition Newsletter" is available at her Web site,