I read recently that, “Everyday you are spending your days.” Your life is like a rare treasure that has tremendous value. I believe if you knew how much your life was worth, you would use it in the best possible way to serve humanity. Beloved, no matter who you are and what your background or current situation, you have the opportunity to put your life on course and make a valuable contribution to the world.

You life is about service; service to God, your family and humanity. Believe it or not, you will have to give an account of how you used your life or "spent your days!" You have gifts and talent that can’t be fully developed until you put them to use to serve others. The good thing about that is the more you use your gift the better and skilled you will become at expressing your talent.

Here are some helpful suggestions to aid you in properly spending your days:

1. Devote your Gift to God.

(When you understand that you can only truly use your talent “as unto the Lord” you will yield benefits that will last into eternity.)

2. Do not covet others' talents.

(Understanding that everyone is on a unique mission from God and that we each have distinctive and creative ways to express ourselves, keeps us humble and non-critical of others. Sometimes, because we think that we are the only gifted people on the planet, we can’t fully appreciate others and the talent God has bestowed upon them.)

3. Share your Gift with others.

(Our gifts are not supposed to be buried or concealed. It is when we share our gifts that we experience the truest sense of our calling. Sharing our gifts, “in a motive of love,” motivates God to give us more opportunities to use our gifts to advance His ultimate purposes on the earth.)

4. Be Grateful for your Gifts.

(Having an “attitude of gratitude” also increases God’s desire to grant you favor and supernatural ability to use your gift to honor Him and serve humanity. Also, being grateful for what you have will cause more of it to be deposited in your life.)

5. Think eternally!

(There is a popular song that says, “Only what you do for Christ will last!” When you use your gift, think about making an eternal impact. Do not use it just for the moment, but share it in a way that the results will out live and out last you. And try not to use your gift just to make a name for yourself. Use your talent in such a way that people will see you, acknowledge your talent, but give praise and glory to the Person you represent.)

Beloved think about your life. Evaluate how you have been "spending your days." Will what you have and are doing matter ten, twenty or thirty years from now? What will God say on the day it is time to give an account for your life and the gifts and talents He let you use?

Will He say, “Well Done?”

Keeping that question in the forefront of your mind will help you productively and effectively "spend your days!"

Safe and Secure,

Larry W. Robinson

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Larry W. Robinson is one of the most influential as well as inspiring members of the faith-based community. As a moving speaker, anointed singer and media personality, he has become one of the world’s best-known advocates of spiritual strategies for universal peace and harmony. Larry speaks and sings for people who want to positively and productively live lives of purpose and passion for God.www.larrywrobinson.com - Call him Toll Free: 1-877-815-6950.