Where do we begin when we stand alone on this knife-edge of creation if what we want is to reach down and help others to “see the light”? No matter the endeavor, when one stands at the forefront of thought, the crowd is a small one. So what can one do to include as many humans as possible in our journey to health, abundance, happiness or sales? The answer is as simple as acting from a place that pleases you the most.

To be successful while at the forefront of this collective consciousness one must (in order to attract the masses along for the ride) be as joyous as possible. This joy must by all means be genuine and not contrived. The very energy of the joy one brings to a new thought or set of ideas etc. is the only thing that can move the masses past conformity and toward spiritual independence.

Have you noticed all the mediocre books, movies and popular movements that are simply watered down samplings of something greater and more comprehensive? When an individual becomes completely aligned with his/her true self, the universe reveals secrets that only this individual can understand. Try as they might to bring this truth to a medium that they hope will be the next popular movement, it is often an arduous task. From this leading edge of thought it is nearly impossible to create a place of access to the new truth with the desire to include as many as possible. In other words, the moment the masses are addressed there is a “dumbing down” of the information. It is next to impossible to render a truth with all it’s clarity and pure energy in a way that everyone it is exposed to gets the first time. It is always the case that if the truth or pure thought is proffered to the public that some will get it, some will rebel against it and some will ignore it.

The best way to honor oneself in the endeavor of bringing new thoughts and ideas to a grounded and tangible state is to remain open and in the joyous feeling that made the new idea accessible in the first place. In short we must forget about attempting to force feed the new ideas to the masses and simply allow those who are ready to be guided to the idea.

Allowing this natural expansion toward truth and peace and love keeps us centered and flowing. Allowing others to express their free will in time yields some wonderful awakening. The signposts that you have left, the flowers at the feet of the seekers will make the path to enlightenment and joy easier and easier for our friends, brothers, sisters and children.

Shawn of hypno-freedom.com

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Shawn Duyette is a martial artist of ten years. He has been trained in several energy healing modalites including reiki, quantum touch, and Native American energy healing. Shawn is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and massage therapist. He has been trained in herbology and Chinese medicine (acupuncture, shiatsu, tui-na bodywork) and is currently on sabbatical from medical school.

Shawn is a life long meditator who began meditating at a very young age sitting for hours in the woods of his suburban childhood home in the northeastern United States.

Shawn enjoys writing poetry and has been published as a poet with some of his works found at Poetry.com. Currently he is blogging for hypno-freedom.com and he is working on a book which is aimed at sharing metaphysical principles with children.