In our fast paced environment it is easy to become out of sync, imbalanced, and pulled in different directions. Our work crosses over into our personal lives. Traveling for pleasure soon ends up being combined with business. Boundaries become skewed until soon we can’t even remember what they were in the first place. The over whelmed, over worked feeling becomes part of our life and we receive our energy from adrenaline, anxiety, and non-stop ‘doing’. For top-notch physical, emotional, and mental health balance is the key. There is no doubt about it. However, it helps to first understand why balance is so important. With this awareness watch how your life shifts effortlessly. Watch how you attract people, opportunities, and happiness. In a nutshell, balance leads to success.

Balance is discipline and the desire for balance encourages us to look at all areas of our life. Discipline comes when we consistently reflect on those areas and make the proper adjustments. It is possible to be balanced in work, play, and even business travel. It does require setting boundaries and that gets easier with practice!

Being balanced also prevents obsession. Have you ever focused too heavily on one area that needs attention? Then other areas suffer because you are obsessing? If you
strive for balance by looking at the big picture it's harder to obsess. Also, listen to or ask for feedback from loved ones, coworkers, or friends. Sometimes others see things that you don’t and they can be more objective. They may see clearly that certain areas are out of sync.

Balance creates internal harmony, peace of mind, and offers a sense of accomplishment. When our life is balanced, we feel in sync with the universe. There is a satisfied feeling and a sense of letting go. When we are in harmony and life is flowing easily we feel good about ourselves, know that we've done well, and feel like we have accomplished something wonderful.

When all areas of our life are strong, steady, and balanced there is a connection. We are able to give and receive, be happy and make others happy, and exchange energy. Being balanced and in sync helps us become well rounded, intuitive, happy, and successful.

Balance will give you meaning. It gives you reasons to communicate with others, relate to them, coordinate, and work out differences. The desire for balance pushes us to ask questions, search for answers, and change lifestyles. Do you sometimes have that uneasy feeling that you need to make a change? Or that certain things just aren’t the way you want them to be? If so, take a look at your lifestyle and assess whether or not you need to reprioritize and rebalance yourself.

We receive direction and strength when there is balance in our life. Without balance we drift and stray, don't honor our commitments, over commit, and have no stable foundation. Balance sets us free from worry, obsession, and guilt. You become balanced and successful by eliminating tolerations, setting boundaries, using extreme self care, and getting clear on your needs and values. That is true freedom!!

Author's Bio: 

Monique Rider is a writer, personal trainer, and life coach who works with individuals in transition. Her coaching services are available to clients anywhere in the world via telephone. Monique is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and can be visited on the web at: or emailed at