I used to dance on tables. With clothes on of course, and relatively sober, all it took was The Doors' Roadhouse Blues or Billy Idol's Dancing With Myself (oh oh oh-oh...) and you could count on me to find a speaker or a table top to worship. Now...not so much. I went dancing I think...hmmm. I actually have to think back in seasons. Yep. It was last spring, before my honorary gay little brother left town and he dragged me out to work up a sweat. And sweat I did.

My neeeeeed to dance MUST be resurrected. My life depends on it. I don't need therapy or an intensive to get back in touch with that fire. I just need to invite it back. A simple 1 and 2 and 3 and dance!

Even if we have continuously repressed or neglected the truest aspects of our being, that energy can come back into our lives with only the slightest invitation. Because, that which is true rests easy and hopeful – like flowers rest in winter, knowing that spring always comes. There's no need to fret over faded passion. Your mojo and moxy are always within reach.

What part of you would you like to revive? The part of you that was playful – no matter who you were with; the part of you that planted a big smooch on your partner when they came home; the part of you that believed the world was waiting for you to show up? Put a name to that part: free, moxy, audacious, fearless, theatrical, hearty…and make that your word for the day, the week, this season. You don’t need a ‘revival plan’ or an action list - just one word, invited back with all your heart.

If it's part of your spirit, even dormant passion won't take much to ignite. Vitality is a muscle memory, like riding a bike. Or dancing on tables.

Author's Bio: 

Danielle LaPorte founded whitehottruth.com because "self realization rocks." Her blog as been lauded as "one of the best places on-line for kick-ass spirituality and business." She is the lead author of the bestseller, Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design, which caught the attention of Oprah producers, and Body + Soul Magazine praised it as "redefining the concept of style." She is the co-founder of the popular personal development site, carrieanddanielle.com - which she left in 2008 to go solo.

For ten years, she ran her own business development and communications agency "promoting visionary people and projects" - from Nobel Peace Prize winners to philosophers and pop stars, and worked with the top US publishers on publicity campaigns. As the director of a DC-based think tank for future studies, Danielle managed scenario-planning projects for the likes of the Pentagon, The World Bank and IBM.

She now helps entrepreneurs blaze their careers and creativity with her signature Fire Starter Sessions. A speaker and media personality, she has been featured in Elle, The Huffington Post, Vogue Australia, The National Post, Domino Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Entertainment Tonight, and numerous talk shows. She is based in Vancouver, BC.