Another beautiful day on this great blue Earth, and more importantly, in the heart of the Beloved, as the mystic Rumi and Hafiz would probably say. When we really think about it...when we think about life and reality, it is easy for us to realize that we are actually living, moving and breathing in that which we call God. The mystics have said this since the beginning of spoken words, but this idea has been suppressed more and more, over a long period of time, until we have forgotten. We have began to forget who we, as a people, really are.

We often think of ourselves as flesh, bone, and a mind that is created by an organ in our heads called a brain. The truth is, however, that the mind itself has never been found in the brain, only the physical reactions that come as a result of the movement of the the mind. The life force in the body has never been found, or bottled. Only the response to the life force that exists in every living thing. Scientists, however, are now making new discoveries. Now the very existence of mind in a body is being questioned. More importantly, the idea of a body being separate from the rest of the universe is being questioned.

In truth the quantum scientists and mystics are beginning to agree. We are all part of this one great moving, powerful thing that we call the universe. Our minds and bodies are always changing and renewing themselves. Many of the greater and lessor known religions around the world refer to this universe as the Word of God, or the eminence of God. If it is the Word of God and we are part of it, that makes us the word of God too, or the breath of God, which is described as that which God breathed into the earth to create man. In Genesis it says that the earth and the breath of God became a living soul. Who are we and what are we then? We are the breath of God carried in earthen vessels. The breath of God, or the spirit of God never dies. It only returns to it´s source.

Many of us work so hard during out lives trying to be something great because we think we are our egos, and our assigned names and roles. We read, we study, we exercise, we pray and we meditate in order to get what we already have. We are striving to become what we already are. Sometimes it is more important not to strive and not to add on gifts, skills and talents in order to do so. Sometimes sitting still and letting go is more necessary. Staying in the presence of the Divine and realizing that through our life experiences we are being polished like fine mirrors to reflect the Divine, or tried in the fire like gold to burn away our impurities is what is necessary. We need to remember and we can by getting rid of all of the dross that blinds us. What is the dross? Any false ideas that we have been given by those who want to take us away from our true self.

There is a state in human awareness that happens when one has sat at the feet of the Great Teacher long enough. This state is called enlightenment in some religious, being awakened in others, and being born again in others, but it is the same state. It is a state where one begins to live beyond the normal waking world and all of its rules and to live by the rules of love and justice. One begins to realize that one is truly connected with the Divine and one can actually merge with God and be a holy vessel carrying forth the power and love of God into the world if one wants to. This is the end of religion and the beginning of spirituality. It is a state of being that is available to everyone, but the system doesn´t want anyone to have it. It works to hide it. The system wants everyone to feel fearful and isolated so they will give their power away to those who are supposed to be in charge of access to God, or all of the material goods in the world, or the power to say who is good or bad, ugly or beautiful, talented or untalented. Be aware of those who say that you don´t have access to the embodiment of love. The truth is, my friends, that that is what you are, I am, and everyone else is. All that it takes is letting go of the false belief system, and saying yes to life and love.

It takes practices like sitting down and meditating, deep contemplative prayer, fasting—just about any mystical rituals at the heart of most religions. And then, when you see God you die. When you see God you realize that you are reflecting God and the false self dies and the true self is reborn. This is the secret of the resurrection. This is the mystical Christianity of which the Apostle Paul and Jesus spoke of many times. Until you partake of it, the mystical part of whatever religion you are involved in, you will never see God, or grow to your full potential as a spiritual being or a human being. This takes great strength, great courage, and great faith in the one who many call God.

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Om Prakash John W. Gilmore is a writer, Certified Massage Therapist and Energy Worker, and a Martial Arts Teacher. He is Pastor of the Cyber Circle of Creation Spirituality, an interfaith, progressive religious service available free on the Internet for your enjoyment. For more readings like these or to visit our Practical Spirituality Journal, or our free courses at our cyber school please visit our website at We always welcome you.