At first this book didn’t seem to speak to me. I thought it was for younger women (Elizabeth Gilbert was in her early 30’s when she wrote it). But as I got further into the Italy section, I realized that her appeal is actually much broader. Gilbert understands and articulates a basic issue that affects many women across cultures and age groups. The issue is that of expectations put on us as women versus our true desires.

Sometimes we slide into marriage, home and children, without questioning whether this is right for us. We may not even think we have the right to question if and when to take these major steps. This lifestyle may turn out to be just right for us but if it’s not a part of us may become so unhappy with our life that it begins to die. Then we begin to just exist.

Elizabeth Gilbert is very open about her experience. Her marriage was no longer working for her. She became so unfulfilled in her life as a married suburban writer and planned future mother that she just couldn’t go on. After much agonized soul-searching, she left her marriage.

Perhaps the best advice Gilbert received was from a friend who didn’t even know the details of her dilemma, was “Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth”. She seems to have applied this advice to her life seriously. After four months in Italy Gilbert says:

“I still maybe don’t fully know what I deserve. But I do know that I have collected myself of late - through the enjoyment of harmless pleasures - into somebody much more intact.”

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