~I return to the ease and flow of life now. I let go of my judgements and opinions of the way I think life should be, and accept whatever comes as part of a Divine process. When I connect to life itself by accepting and surrendering to each moment, I experience a smooth flow of events, ease, and peace.~

Sometimes we can become too opinionated about every little thing that happens in our lives. For example, getting extremely angry when you get stopped at a red light. Well, whose to say that that one red light dosen't save you from a potential accident? Or maybe it's the universe tring to tell you to pause and reconnect to the present before you create more pain in your life. We musn't judge every situation as good or bad for the present can be labeled as niether. The present is always neutral--a neutral that is teeming with infinite possibility, support, creativity, and opportuninty. The moment judgement of the mind comes in, we lose the present moment. So just surrender! Lay down your opinions and immerse yourself in life. Instead of worrying about what is going "good" and what is going "bad," just experience the fullness that the present has to offer. When you do this, you will find that there is deep enjoyment to be found in all aspects of life, and somehow, things will fall together in a seemingly miraculous order! You only need to trust, surrender, and go with the flow.

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