Investing in your retirement we usually talk about money, but well in advance and more importantly we need to invest some time to plan ahead, to give yourself a second chance to figure out what you should really be doing with your life. Pre-retirement is a good time to invest in useful guidance, and personal development. This is a good place to invest in finding your true potential and to see yourself really enjoying what you will be doing for another twenty, thirty years or more.

It is a great time today to take another look at retirement and see how there is an increasingly new definition and framework for it. Allow how you live, before you actually retire, to be decidedly the forerunner to how you will live during retirement.

Let us talk about how you invest your ENERGY. A well-known quantum energy teacher Carolyn Myss, talks about how we get into major health problems if we spend our energy on the wrong or negative things. We learn from her that what we end up doing over time is to compensate from some other part of our being, usually our physical body cells and hence we live in a state of borrowing, owing and indebtedness both financially, mentally, psychologically and physically. That is what leads to ‘aging’ as opposed to ‘staying young’ as we either learn to live with balance and well-being or we live a life of imbalance and overload.

If that theory resonates with you, you want to begin to learn how to move from one deficient energy state into a more powerful QUANTUM state. You may do that alone or by participating in a likeminded group with a highly motivated facilitator to keep you focused. The funny thing about energy is that it is more efficient being used than stored. Energy likes to be released and to find its kind. It does not suffer stagnation well. An efficient way to invite Energy to be at its optimal level in your life is to explore ways to be creative or rather open up your creative intentions to:
a) preserve and enjoy your life;
b) offer the world what it needs from you and
c) connect at the deepest level with your Source.

First you have to remember that Creativity is not the preserve of youth alone but has proven throughout the centuries to be at the beck and call of those even beyond 60. It also does not only apply to the arts, such as music and painting and the like, but to all aspects of work and life, including dealing with challenges, including economic downturns.

What are other benefits of Creativity?..…Well, for one it opens up your thoughts and your world to achievement and fulfillment because you find that your potential is beckoning you and that you are finding purpose. It takes you from the ‘nowhere zone’ in which you may be existing into the real world of ACTION, and JOY and BEING ALL YOU WANT TO BE.

This is the age for changes and speedy changes too, doubtlessly also, for innovations, for use of the imagination and for transcending time and space. Therefore,the idea of making quantum leaps into our future is not far-fetched, at any age. Your investment in connecting with your true Energy Source within, contributes to continuous health, healing and regeneration. You certainly don’t want to miss that!
You could also find newness of life by changing careers, or even just exploring the possibilities to open the door for new events to take place in your life and new vistas to open up. That is not a strange thought since even at 50 plus many of us have not yet discovered ourselves.

Make it your aim to optimize your PERSONAL VALUE, since at the later stage of our lives, many women in particular, are feeling beaten up, ignored, overlooked and second-guessing their value or what they might have to offer in their immediate or long-term future. Your energy level is at premium demand level for facing both personal and organizational situations today, where several generations of people collide, testing your will to thrive.

To fully invest in your retirement, start with self-awareness - being true to your feelings- value your experiences (good or bad) – watch your attitude – honor your talents and strengths – be clear about your intentions – and preserve your motivation. Endeavor to make the shift in each of these respects on an ongoing basis during your pre-retirement years.

Retirement is not just for collecting a pension, for those who are so privileged, but for collecting what is due as the outcome of your spiritual connectedness, your wholesome living, your clarity of thinking and your very confident vision of a successful life. With this model for making the transition from youthful freedom to post-menopausal and late-adulthood freedom both transformative for yourself and others with whom you associate, who can question your success?

Gene D. Cohen, well-known gerontologist, in his book ‘The Creative Age’ writes :
“The story of aging differs dramatically for brain cells than for skin cells or the cells that line the stomach or form our bones. The biological behavior of neurons determines the way our brain functions as we age, and it is clear that our brain function and creative potential don’t diminish as other body systems do”.

Then, take heart. It is worth your while to invest.

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Hyacinth E. Gooden-Bailey,M.A.-Global Life Transition Coach/Career Change Strategist - Member, International Coach Federation, writes articles, eBooks and books on Career Change and related subjects. She is host on Self-Help Internet Talk radio: and has appeared as a guest on other shows. Her website is and her free bi-monthly eZine: Potential plus Possibilities may be subscribed to via: