The Internet has grown significantly year after year since it's inception and it's growth has begun to harm tradtional retail party and holiday accessory shopping venues. Or has it?

Though there are many advantages of purchasing party and holiday accessories online, there are still many advantages to buying them from a retail store. Even with the latest technologies of live chat, blogging and other interactions there is little doubt that for most shoppers, they still want to look into someone's face when purchasing a retail party and holiday accessory, such as decorations or other party and holiday accessories.

A party and holiday accessory retail store can offer many other significant benefits to the party and holiday accessory buyer. One of the main benefits is service, plain and simple, it's a real, live smiling(or frowning) human being.

There is a certain personal detachement many shoppers experience when buying online. Some of the main benefits for going shopping are in fact social ones. It gets you moving! A retail party and holiday accessory shopping spree can make you feel better, by getting you out of the house, and interacting with other living beings, besides your mouse!

Shopping for party and holiday accessorys retail does have a few drawbacks and in fact, some of them are actually exactly the same as a few of the benefits. It makes you go out, and makes you interact with people, and some of us don't like that!

Another benefit of shopping online for some is that you know whether an item is in stock without having to leave the house. However when going to a party and holiday accessory retail store, you spend the time browsing their shelves to find out whether certain items are in stock or not, part of the experience I guess.

All in all shopping at a party and holiday accessory retail store still has many benefits you can't get from an online shopping experience. As technology develops further this may not hold true. The party and holiday accessory retail store of the future may combine features of both to give the ultimate shopping experience.

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