These are most challenging times, but when I am most frustrated, I remind myself – “this is a test.”

Quietly, the planets are lining up to facilitate a shift in consciousness. Jupiter and Neptune are moving into alignment (23°/ 26° Aquarius) and will be exactly conjunct late May. These two planets vibrate together to create a RESONANCE.

Much like the walls of Jericho which were brought down by the action of sound vibrations, the bright side of Jupiter and Neptune is one of hope and redemption. This is our moment to ask for divine help. Remember, the angels are awaiting our call for their assistance. I believe through the power of positive belief, thought and actions, that we CAN create a new world.

Traditional astrology also interprets the Jupiter/Neptune combination as one which holds potential for deception and messiah seeking. We will likely see the deeper side of this as Obama becomes embroiled in Afghanistan. The question is not “is war necessary” rather, “how do we leave it behind?”

We all have to make a choice now – to buy into the drama of chaos, or commit to inner security. The choice will be made by default if you rely upon external information fed by CNN and other daily news shows. Indeed, it is compelling to watch the constant unfolding of injustice and violence; yet it draws us into an intimate relationship with fear.

So, here’s the question: Can you commit to an alternative? In this time of acceleration, the appearances of dark matter are surely evident in our daily existence, but remember that - what you focus on expands! Do not allow your consciousness to be manipulated by the media.

The New Moon of April 24th falls in the fixed earth sign of Taurus. The Sabian oracle message for this New Moon (Taurus 6 °) is: “A Bridge Being Built Across a High Narrow Gorge.” We now must forge ahead, into the unknown. The path is high and narrow, and there is little room for deviance (or negative thinking) However, we do have a bridge – a path. In this month of faith and reverence, we can remember to count our blessings and the many ways in which we are so fortunate.

April is a month of the cardinal cross of astrology. Aries and Libra are initiating or action starting signs. The Full Moon of next month is in opposition to an eclipse point from 2003 which involved a rare planetary alignment named the “Harmonic Concordance.” At that time, the planets aligned into a Star of David pattern, creating a portal of opportunity and harmony.

Does it seem like we are living in the flip side of a peaceful reality? Harmony and peace may seem a far away dream to many, but now is the time that we must hold steadfast and express the higher vibration of Jupiter and Neptune. We can ask for intervention and assistance, but also, we must become that Source which we seek.

Wishing you strength, peace, and above all, the remembrance of your divine nature.

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Maya White is a professonal astrologer and intuitive guide. She is one of only 90 people worldwide trained and certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, a branch of astrology which helps you find your perfect place on earth for success.

Maya is a Hay House author and creator of the Easy Astrology Oracle Cards and Guidebook, a system which makes learning astrology fun and easy.

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