I'm sure just about everyone out there has heard the term "resistance is futile". This doesn't just apply to war cries, but to our thoughts and emotions as well. Most of us try to avoid our "bad" feelings and emotions by methods such as running from them, stuffing them back down or repressing them, using drugs and/or alcohol, overeating, watching too much TV, etc. These methods hardly solve the problem at all in the long run. In fact, it could make the problem even worse. While we may temporarily feel better, these feelings won't just go away by magic, they need to be dealt with properly.

So what is the proper way to deal with these feelings? Well, let me start out by stating that some form of distraction such as exercising or anything else to distract you from your feelings is healthy in moderation. Sometimes you just need to get your mind on something else. However, there are many different methods for permanently letting go of that which is distressing you. I will discuss a few of these methods throughout the rest of this article.

First and foremost, you must accept that you are having these feelings. Now when I say accept these feelings, I don't mean accept them as who you are or how you act, nor am I talking about accepting that they are a burden for you that nothing can be done about. What I mean is just accepting the fact that you are having this particular feeling and just letting it be there without any judgment. Also, if you can, allow yourself to really dive into this feeling as much as possible and simply observe it, almost like you are an outside observer. Just simply let it be there and watch it with curiosity. And if the feeling begins to change, continue watching it with curiosity like you would while being deeply intrigued by a good movie. These feelings can't hurt you, they are only feelings. The resistance to these feelings is what causes most of the discomfort. Remind yourself of these two statements as you continue to just let it be.

By doing these methods, you open yourself up to letting the feelings go easier. Even just doing this a half hour a day will help you get a better feel for it. With time and practice, these feelings will have less of a cling, and you'll be able to let them go that much easier and allow releasing to become more of a part of your life. Your physical health will most likely improve as well since stuck emotions are now known to be a major cause of illness. These are a few of the many methods that can be applied to any feelings you have in order to improve any area of your life that you would like to improve.

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