If your son or daughter is going off to college, don't think that your laundry problems are over. Especially if their school is nearby, chances are, a tightly packed bag of laundry will arrive in your laundry room on Friday night, and a very disinterested student will quickly disappear to hang out with friends. You may want to get a tent and a Boy Scout handbook, 'cause you're going to be "camping out" in your laundry room, unless you come up with a serious rescue plan!

Speaking of rescue plans, we've got one: Teach them to do their own laundry! Here's how:

1. Start by telling them that the only way you can help them with their laundry is if they stick around and do it with you… and stand your ground on this! Pick a time that works for both of you - make an appointment.

2. Then proceed with the "Side-by-Side" training: Demonstrate sorting techniques: colors, synthetics, cottons, etc. Next, ask them to demonstrate it back to you.

3. Paint images in their mind of what could happen to their oh-so-precious designer clothing if it is not sorted correctly… mention things like pink boxers, streaked blouses, and shirts shrunk down to toddler-size… they'll get the message.

4. Coach them about how not to break your washing machine: show them the settings on the washer and dryer for different types of fabrics, the temperatures, water level settings, the agitation settings, etc.

5. Remind them not to overload the machine. Show them what a properly loaded machine looks like.

For a great backup plan: put together an instruction sheet for doing all kinds of laundry, with reminders and step by step instructions--a "cheat sheet". Then tape it to the wall above the washing machine so it's always handy when they're ready to go for it!

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