It's human nature to encounter resistance when you challenge what has been perceived as normal for such a long tine. This is certainly the case with network marketing.

An example is Ann Sieg and her Renegade Network Marketer in which she dared challenge the prospecting principles which have been applied for so long to network marketing that they had almost become set in stone.

Almost is the operative word. The internet has been with us for well over a decade yet it's only been in the last couple of years that it's potential as a serious prospecting tool for network marketing has begun to emerge. Why? Well, maybe those old school MLM methods have been a little hard to shift after all.

The Great Lies Of Network Marketing

Why are you struggling with your MLM business? Are you placing way too much emphasis on the things you were told by your upline that count such as having big dreams, being and then doing and developing that super successful mindset which needs to become so strong, that it will become an impenetrable wall of steel against any negative feelings trying to invade it's space.

Don't get me wrong; these are all important in the overall scheme of things but placing too much credence in them ahead of more important tasks such as attracting those all important prospects into your funnel is crazy. Too many people spend too much time dream building without applying any action.

Why Without Action Is Useless

You cannot build a network marketing business by simply knowing why you want to succeed. Ask the 90% or so of distributors who litter the MLM battleground; giving up in despair after just a few months simply because they either couldn't afford to stay in it or they didn't know how to build their business.

When the Renegade Network Marketer dared challenge some of the long held beliefs about how to succeed in this business it certainly created a hornet's nest. To survive the initial period in network marketing, you need to create a cash flow and a consistent flow of targeted prospects.

You wont do that by applying the three foot rule or over analyzing your big dreams.

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