People buy based on emotion, but you have to provide them with the logic to explain their emotional decision. Expecting the buyer to do it for you isn't a good plan. If you’ve done your job right you’ve gotten the appointment with a qualified prospect. You’ve uncovered what they really want. But if you’re still being told “no” or “not know” you have some work to do to increase your insurance sales success.

If you’ve gotten to the underlying emotional want congratulate yourself for doing a good job. But the emotional want by itself isn’t enough. There have to be logical reasons for taking action and for taking action now, or the prospect simply won’t no matter how emotionally vested they seem to be because it’s just a whole lot easier to do nothing. They even view it as safer to do nothing than to make a decision because they’re afraid of making the wrong decision.

You have to prepare to win your insurance sales success. And you do that by thinking through all the possible reasons a prospect might give for saying “no” or “not now”. Then you need to mentally prepare the logical reason their “no” should be a “yes” based on what you know about what they want.

I’m not talking about high pressure tactics or challenging the prospect. Those approaches get the prospect’s defenses up and harm you in ways you can’t directly measure, but that can lead to your insurance sales failure. Make certain you identify all the prospect’s potential objections and then the real logical reason that doesn’t work for them.

Allow the prospect to say “no” and then get them to tell you all of their reasons for their “no” or “not now” response. Once you have everything out in the open you can go back and explore with the prospect their risk in a “yes, let’s do it now” decision. Never challenge or argue with the prospect in anyway, but always be prepared with the logic that supports their true want to say “yes”, and help them to overcome the fear that’s making them say “no”. Use the free sales skills analysis below to keep your sales skills at their best.

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