I love mornings when the sun shines in through my window and greets me with brilliance and a promise of a new day. It reminds me that I am alive and I feel grateful for this day.

As I bask in the warmth of the early morning sun I quiet myself, and can easily connect to the energy of Creator Source. I have a deep sense of who I am, why I’m here and where I came from.

But yet there is that veil of humanness that has caused me to forget. I know this is so that my experience can be full and rich. I must experience all there is to experience to better understand being human, creating a deeper compassion and making my job as Teacher much more effective and powerful.

Our world is much vaster than we can ever imagine. There is limitlessness to the possibilities of the Universes that most human minds cannot even fathom. There are a few of us who do remember. And we are the ones to bring forth our pieces and begin to open those who come behind us.

First and foremost, we all must know that we are not alone. Ever. And that the Creator
Of All That Is also has a limitless capacity for creation. There are many worlds different from our own and many, many different species of Beings. New worlds are being created as old worlds fall away. And each new creation is different in some way, expanding on what has been. Every potential is realized, every possibility is tested.

There is a thought that we are having this human experience to gather information.
That all of our experiences are valuable bits of data, nothing is right or wrong, just is.
And that when we return to Source we bring back this information, which is absorbed by Creator. This information is the food Creator draws on to expand creations further and further.

I believe we are at a critical time in the evolution of the human race. It is time for us to take a giant step forward and evolve into a higher consciousness of being. It is being forced upon us as our Creator pushes us further and further into unknown territory. Some are very willing to be the first to step forward and explore this new potential. Some will follow in their footsteps, tentatively at first, to see if the road ahead is safe enough. Then more will come behind them. There are also many who will refuse this call and we are seeing it in the World today. All of it is appropriate.

We all have a soul purpose and each one is different. We must honor each persons journey, whatever that may be, always keeping in mind that all experiences at this time are valuable to the Creator. We do not know the assignment given to each Soul as it embarked on this Earth journey. Respect and Honor each one. Embrace your part of the whole at this time and look no further. We must begin to trust ourselves and our own inner compasses will take us where we need to be.

We all are apart of each other. We all come from the same Creator Source. We are each pieces of that vast energy and will return there after our physical experience here on earth. No one is separate from us on a Spiritual level. We get so caught up in our own human experience that we have forgotten.

It is time for us to remember once again. To feel the oneness that is. To expand our hearts and touch our inner source of remembering. We are all one.

Embracing this “Oneness” is critical to the success of our mission, should we choose to accept it. We have moved away from a “WE” world to a “ME” world. That was a chosen experience to feel deeply what it feels like to disconnect. It gave us the opportunity to explore every aspect of our own experience and to truly know and find oneself. It is now time to return to the “WE” and use the knowledge gained to make this a better world for us all. This is the critical component to our next level of evolution.

We must join together and allow ourselves to need each other once again. We must remember that we are not here for ourselves, but a larger purpose that encompasses us all. We do not take this step forward one by one. We can only take this step forward holding hands and joining together as one.

We must open our Hearts to its greatest capacity. We must allow our fear to melt away and let Love fill all those spaces. We must trust our inner wisdom and know we will be just where we need to be. We must reach out to each other, regardless of race, color, creed or species. We must be brave and courageous when those around us stumble and fall. Reach out your hand to those who are willing to take it. Pick them back up and continue walking forward together. If your out stretched hand is refused then offer it to the one who will accept it. It is not our place to judge or force this way on anyone. Each person will come along or not at his or her level of comfort. Use your energy for those who are ready and willing, as time is of the essence.

Use the energy of Love as your greatest tool. Call forth the Creator Source and allow your heart to be filled to overflowing with Love. Then go forth and let this energy of Love permeate everyone you touch and everything you do.

This is our purpose at this time. To share this energy of Love with all.
It doesn’t matter what avenue you take along the way. It does matter that you go forth showering the world with this Love.

Reach out and take someone’s hand today and step forward.

Author's Bio: 

Linda is a Graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui and has studied Black Sect, Classical Compass, Space Clearing and Shamanic Healing. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Reiki Master/Teacher. Ordained Minister. 
Involved with Alternative Healing for 25 years and Feng Shui for 12 years. Her goal is to offer a broad based all encompassed service to heal the Body, Mind, Spirit and Space. Please visit Sacred-Spaces.net.