You want to know exactly what happened to you during your surgery. You want to know what the doctors found, cut, took out, ignored, moved, or not. And of course you want to know why and what their reasoning was when they did it. Yes, you can go back to all of those events as an observer in hypnosis and get your questions answered. And it goes even further than merely finding out what was done.

People are suggestible during emergencies. This means that while you were sick or injured, riding in the ambulance, lying there in surgery, or recovering in your room, anything negative said to you (or about you) could have had negative consequences that might still affect you today. This goes double if you were unconscious or in shock.

Ask yourself whether you're healing too slowly, or are still entirely too traumatized from your experience. If you're wondering why after all this time you're still not over what happened, and there doesn't seem to be any reason for it that you can think of, consider the following.

In an emergency, you stop making deliberate, conscious choices with your conscious mind, because your subconscious mind takes over. Your subconsious takes actions to jumpstart the healing process because it works faster. And here's the big surprise: it functions a whole better than you think it does. Sure, it keeps your heart beating and your lungs inhaling, but note this: it can hear everything going on around you. That's right. It hears and records the entire event. And it has the choice of believing what it hears, believing words spoken by people in authority, people like doctors and nurses...

Maybe the EMTs looked at you and gasped, "Oh, this looks bad. This one is a goner." Or maybe the surgeon said something like, "I'd be amazed if this ever heals right." Or maybe an orderly asked, "Does anyone ever really recover from injuries like this?" Or maybe a nurse remarked, "I've seen patients like this suffer for years."

They don't know any better! They don't know that your subconscious hears those remarks loud and clear! And medical professionals especially don't know that those horrible, insensitive remarks can be believed and acted upon. People are suggestible in emergencies, and if a medical worker stated it was likely you'd have a hard time healing, and your subconscious believed what they said, small wonder you're having problems healing.

Painful memories are typically stored the deepest, and access to them may be denied to your conscious mind afterwards. And this is where hypnosis comes in, and why hypnosis can help you. All hypnosis does is set your conscious mind aside and access your subconscious. And by doing so, the negative things said to you in the past can be neutralized in the present. You see, while you were in surgery, you were hypnotically suggestible precisely because your conscious mind had been set aside. After all, it was an emergency. And a second hypnotic state can readily undo negative suggestions received in an earlier one.

You can go into hypnosis with a board certified clinical hypnotist, return to the events, stand beside your younger self as an observer, and tell your subconscious to disregard those negative statements so wrongfully said to you. Your mind always believes and trusts you more than anyone else. After all, medical workers make mistakes. Doctors, nurses, interns, and orderlies can have wrong or faulty opinions just like everyone else, faulty opinions that you can correct with great accuracy, painlessly. In hypnosis as an observer, you will not re-experience any physical pain. Safely and comfortably, in deep relaxation, you will neutralize the impact of hurtful, insensitive remarks made by people who should, but do not, know better. Ironic, isn't it? Medical workers are hypnotists in their own way, sometimes, and most of them don't even know it. Words can hurt.

And as well, hypnosis also works for pain management, and it's easy to teach you how to hypnotize yourself to manage your own pain. Its greatest benefit being that, unlike drugs, the only side affect of self hypnosis is deep relaxation. And who couldn't use more relaxation?

Your mind is more powerful than anyone has ever told you. For additional information on what hypnosis is, how it works, and how it can help you, please visit my website. Or phone me. I'm happy to answer your questions.

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