If you remember the movie, The Lion King, Mufasa told Simba, “Remember who you are”. They could have been four of the best words ever spoken in any movie. Why do we forget who we are? Deep in our hearts, most of us know the true magnificence that we are inside. We know that first and foremost, we are a part of something so much bigger than ourselves- we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We know that we create our own realities, and that we are both the director and the actor in our own little screenplay called life. Yet knowing all this to be true, why do we sometimes dive head first into the muck of life and perceive it to be the real, true part of life? Why do we allow ourselves to believe that we are this limited being stuck in life?

All this came up for me today due to a call from a friend. She cried and told me she was at her wit’s end with life. From the outside it looks like her life is perfect. She has the perfect husband, beautiful home, new car and is leaving for an exotic vacation next month. She doesn’t have to work. However, she feels angry and unfulfilled. I understand because like most of us, I too have been there before.

Life without passion, purpose and a connection to something bigger than us can suck, no matter how good our life may look to others. We all know this, yet sometimes we still allow life to sneak up on us and take over . We start to play the part of the pawn instead of the chess master, the actor instead of the screenplay writer. Perhaps it’s because the drama we created was just sooo good, we just had to jump in. Perhaps it’s because it’s easier to play small than deal with the reality of who we really are. Knowing that you really do have the power to do, be or create anything in your life can be daunting and a bit intimidating too. Sometimes it’s just easier to keep things superficial and play the victim.

Regardless of the reason of why we hide from our magnificence, we have a choice. Not happy with where you are in life? Choose to jump out of the play and promote yourself back to the status as the screenwriter and not the actor. Realize that we create what we get through our thoughts, and change your thoughts right now to match the reality you want to show up in your life. It doesn’t matter that we sometimes forget. What matters more, is how quickly we remember who we really are.

We have the power to do, be or create anything we choose in our lives. Our potential is unlimited, as are our choices in life. If the magnitude of life gets overwhelming, take a moment, close your eyes, breathe and reconnect with the greater part of you. Just listen to your heart and to your breath. Both know exactly what to do without you even thinking about it. Tap into that part of your greatness. Match your breath with your heartbeat, even if only for a few minutes. Immediately, things will start happening for you, including the slowing of both breath and heartbeats, endorphins will be released and muscles will relax. Then, just listen and connect with the Universe. Just a few moments of this throughout your day will make a remarkable difference.

Think you don’t have the time? Both Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul took three to four HOURS each morning to connect, yet both of them accomplished more than most of us will in our lifetime. By taking the time, you’ll receive more. By stepping out of the drama, you can create what you truly want in your life, rather than deal with what shows up.

Being in the play is not nearly as much fun as watching it from the sidelines and directing the outcome. Do you agree? Promote yourself back to being the magnificent screen writer that you truly are. Go on, create something amazing that brings joy into every aspect of your life. We’ll be here to cheer you on!

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