We are living during a time of some of the greatest developments of the human psyche in the history of the world. It is a time that many are awakening to their inner gifts thus awareness, intuition and abilities to manifest things that we wish for take on new possibilities. It is a great time to be alive in this development of ‘a different kind of magic’ in this new era.

On the other hand the fast pace adrenaline rush that this society has to offer is often overwhelming or addictive to the point that people can no longer tap into themselves and receive the treasures of a graceful, more fulfilling life. It is easy to be seduced to spend your life watching television, playing video games and/or participating in the fear of what bad things are going to happen to this world next.

Fear, escapism, adrenal rushes and despair have one thing in common they all can disconnect you from feeling yourself. The inward reality of feeling your experiences at the same time of processing them cognitively is something that most of us were not taught to do.

As children how many of us were asked simple questions such as: “How does doing that activity feel inside of yourself? Or “Does your body feel light and expanded when you think about doing ______?” Our bodies have perceptive abilities to tell us what is rewarding or unpleasant for us if we just ask. If we started asking those kind of questions and feeling how our body reacted to them we may find that a lot of the things we do are not much fun to our bodies such as violent movies, long hours watching television, heated debates to only name a few.

Many believe that awareness is about meditation or self-exploration. These are important elements but one that is not addressed enough is learning the sensual pleasure of your body. Consciousness is about feeling all of you, not only your psychic awareness but how wonderful a small piece of fruit tastes to your lips or receiving touch in a caring way. They are both a part of learning how to use your body in a more infinite way.

It is a process of being present in our experiences to feel them more fully that is a part of creating more awareness in us. Think of sitting at the base of a large tree and relaxing into the tree to where you empathize with the tree’s peacefulness. Or being touched very lightly with the intention of a caring love with each stroke and receiving it to where your skin becomes alive with the pleasure. Or taking a walk and using all of your muscles to move making each step a meditation.

This is a process of creating body awareness through the joy of being present in you. As you explore activities that you can be more present in you begin the process of connecting to your body. What body awareness creates within you is a new relationship with the intuitive abilities of your body. What we are learning is that the body has infinite awareness and our mind is more finite. If we can tap into this greater space of what our body really is we can create something more expanded than we ever imagined.

A great tool to develop these abilities is to ask your body to give us the information. It will find a way to signal us. Such as: Body, what does the energy of this tree like? Or would my body like to eat this? Would my body feel better if I exercised today? If the body feels lighter then exercise is a good ideal. Be warned that this type of communication may be new to you body so it may signal you the answers very subtly. As you practice you will get clearer responses.

Learning the how to get back in touch with our body is the beginning. Enjoying our body is an important start. Exploring how we have turned off our awareness through the suppression of our painful experiences is a part of it as well. When we practice this intensity of awareness we grow into something beyond what we are now.

As I have grown with these techniques I see that I can be open to almost anything. I can work on my computer all day or sit in the woods for hours on end. The desire to be entertained in the ways that most of this society sees as entertaining generally are not as interesting. It is a creative process of listening to myself in what is right for me. A connection to my soul and energies around me seem to guide me. I never seem to know what adventure each day has in store for me until I just listen to my body. Of course I do go to work (which is a lot more fun nowadays) and follow that kind of schedule when required but beyond that it is more open ended.

A favorite exercise is to get a rich delicious piece of chocolate.
Pinch off a very small piece.
Identify a place in your body that feels, stressed, pained, unsettled or angry.
Get in touch with that limited place and feel it for a few moments.
Now place the piece of chocolate on the middle of your tongue.
Let the chocolate stay there to slowly melt in your mouth.
As the chocolate dissolves the pleasure of the sweet is absorbed into your tongue. Perceive the sensations as they interact with your taste buds going into the neural pathways of your tongue and down your mouth.
Focus on the joyful pleasure that the chocolate gives you and allow that happy sensation go down your tongue straight to the place that is stressed.
Allow the chocolate taste that you are enjoying fill the stressed area in your body.
Feel the transition that is occurring of the joy that is on your tongue slowly melting fill the place that is distressed.
Relax into your own bliss within that your body can generate anytime that you choose.

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Bart Sharp is an Access Learning Facilitator from Austin, TX. Through the years Bart has worked on variety of issues with individuals and groups. Bart teaches classes about communing with nature, how to connect with energies of all things and other topics related to Access Energy Transformation. Bart is available for classes and private sessions to help people change the limitations of their lives using the Access tools. Bart can be contacted at bart@bartsharp.com or at 512 809 6807. For more information about Bart and Access go to www.bartsharp.com or www.accessaustinenergy.com. To sign up for a free subscription of “Access Tips For Expanding Your Life” go to www.bartsharp.com.