Do you feel stressed out?

Burnout, irritability, difficulty concentrating, mental exhaustion that just doesn’t leave you –- all are the result of extended high stress levels.

In the modern world there's too much to do and too little time to do it! Multitasking was supposed to be the answer, but that really just adds additional stress.

Deep Relaxation is the much-needed antidote to unrelenting stress, bringing relief and healing from stress, burnout and mental fatigue.

Relaxation encourages your bodily tension to dissolve and your brain to slow down from its crazy pace. Deep Relaxation allows your body the recuperation it needs so you can return to being yourself once again.

Deep Relaxation is a body/mind state in which you rest deeply. There is no muscle tension in your body; your breathing is slow and regular; your mind is silent, relaxed and still. You experience no moving and no effort. Your mind is calmly alert while your body is relaxed. In this way, Deep Relaxation is unlike sleep. When you complete your time of Relaxation and come back to normal alertness you feel rested with a feeling of well-being, as if you have had a wonderful relaxing nap.

Deep Relaxation is efficient and works well. You gain a tangible stress-reduction benefit in a few minutes, typically only thirty minutes. You can go back to normal activity immediately afterwards, feeling more alert, more imaginative, and more able to cope with difficulties that arise.

There are many approaches to reach Deep Relaxation. Meditation, yoga, listening to a relaxation CD, or just focusing on your breath can help your body to achieve the Relaxation Response, which is Deep Relaxation.

Sometimes it is challenging to allow yourself the time to "let go" and relax. It may seem as if your world (work, family, getting things done) will fall apart if you let up even for a few minutes. It won't! Allowing yourself a few minutes to relax will make it possible for you to return to your daily activities with increased energy and effectiveness.

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