If being successful and having no time, no friends and poor or failing health excites you then don't bother reading this article.

As funny as this may seem, the fact is many people end up arriving at their successes tired, lonely and all too often in ill health. How crazy is that?

What if you could achieve everything you ever wanted and still look and feel good, have loving relationships and be in awesome shape physicaly, mentally and emotionally? How would that be?

Stress Relaxation Techniques to Help You Stay Calm

What I'm talking about here is learning how to stay relaxed on the inside while having a strong mind and body. A strong mind will help you to stay focused and be disciplined in your habits, while a strong body will give you the strength and energy you need to see things through to completion.

While many successful people I have met and worked with seem to have no problem developing a strong mind it's their body that often lets them down.

The majority of these people constantly overwork themselves to the point of exhaustion. The downside of this is that their body never get the rest they require to properly detoxify and rejuvenate itself.

The end result is all too often breakdown of your health, happiness and peace of mind. The great news is that you can train your body to perform at higher levels of productivity without jeapodizing your health and vitality.

Taking the time each day to get rid of accumulated stress and tension and feel relaxed on the inside is vital to arriving at your goals looking and feeling fantastic.

Relaxation Techniques to Help You Feel Calm and Happy

1. Take a break every 90 minutes...

Relaxation can take any form that's appealing to you and any length of time. Studies have shown that by simply tensing your muscles and allowing them to relax is an effective way to let go of stress from your body.

Find a quiet place to lie down. Now uncross your legs and arms and rest your palms lightly on your stomach. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Then tense every muscle from the top of your head to your toes for a few seconds. Then keep your body still for a moment.

2. Making relaxation techniques a part of your daily routines...

Take 15 minutes each day to reflect and have downtime. No amount of regret can make up for lost time or opportunities. Achieve clarity by recognizing your successes, letting go of your stress, and deciding on the best step for you to take next.

3. Turn obstacles into opportunities for growth...

When obstacles cross your path, it's much easier to get riled up than it is to calm down. No one can predict the future. Instead of becoming aggravated about occurrences out of your control, relax and try to spot opportunities.

Ask yourself 'How can this situation fuel my success?' You'll be amazed at the possibilities you discover.

4. Learn to Say NO especially when you mean it...

You are in control of your to-do list. Learn to use your intuition to decide if opportunities are right for your life
or your business.

Saying no is a big part of your overall success, and people will respect your honesty. In fact, they will begin to approach you with the right ideas that will help you achieve success on your terms.

The relaxation techniques we just looked are guaranteed to work, all you need to do is apply them. Why bust your chops every day to make a dollar when at the end of the day, week, month or year your too tired, sick, or lonely to care.

Make stress relaxation techniques a part of your daily habits
and almost instantly you'll start to feel the difference.

To Your Great Health and Life...

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Michael Atma is an internationally known author, speaker & success coach. Known as the person to talk to when you're tired of not getting results, Michael offers simple yet proven strategies to improve the quality of your life in just minutes. Michael's writing comes straight from the front line of good health and successful living

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