Releasing tension is one of the best ways to re-establish balance and wholeness in your life. This is something you do for yourself consciously and with awareness through being present in the Now and centred within yourself.
Life has many pressures that can affect your balance and wholeness. When you look in people's faces you can sometimes see and feel their life experiences written on their face. Some say this gives people character, but my own feeling is that they are carrying around with them past experiences which may overshadow and colour their perception of life.
Releasing this tension through conscious awareness within your Self can help to re-centre your energies and make your consciousness more whole and complete, thereby giving you the awareness to be in tune with the Universal Life Force and gain the support of the environment in fulfilling your dreams and aspirations.
So how do we consciously release the tension? I find the best way is through conscious breathing, which you can do as you go to bed at night. As you lie there waiting for sleep to envelop you, you can take your awareness to your breath and breathe consciously with awareness into any areas of tension you may feel within your face and body.
As you get good at this, you start to notice the subtle nuances within your skin which let you know when your body’s energy blueprint is in alignment and balance with your physiology.
Self-awareness is one of the best ways to expand consciousness and come into alignment with the Self. Over time you will realize that as you centre in the Self, you are centring the Universe and the life force within you, and this helps you evolve and connect with your life’s purpose.
Practising this daily with the use of positive visualization can change your body’s energy vibration. As your body’s vibration rises in the Ascension process and your outlook becomes more life-supporting, you start to use the law of attraction to attract into your life your heart's dreams and aspirations.
The Universe comes around you, bringing you all the things you have lovingly crafted in your mind's eye through positive visualization. Life becomes an effortless process of Self-love and visualization. Things in your environment will naturally change to reflect you new outlook on life. Abundance will be the natural result of being more relaxed and creative, and enjoying the work you do.
More and more people are growing in this awareness, as they become more conscious of the subtle energies within, and become more spiritual in their nature.
As the spirit within the person is strengthened so his or her health will naturally improve and the body’s energy blueprint will become stronger, holding every cell and molecule together in a natural, balanced way, giving clear instructions and just feeling good inside you.
As you grow in wholeness and Self-love these feelings will grow and you will find yourself naturally smiling at everyone you meet. You will make friends more easily and will have a positive outlook on life. Fear will dissolve as you connect more and more with the energies in your heart, which is the centre of Love – in whose presence Fear ceases to exist.
Forgiveness is a wonderful tool for reclaiming your power in life, for as long as you are blaming others entirely for your life’s situation, you aren't seeing that situation clearly, and therefore you have little power to change it.
Forgive those who wrong you, and take personal responsibility for your part in any situation. With the knowledge that you can think any thought in any moment, think about what it is that you want to create. Remember, what you put your attention on grows; so focus on things which bring Joy and Happiness into your life, and then you will soon align your energies to your life’s purpose.

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