What is a REALationship? A REALationship is one that has openness, honesty, integrity, individuality, growth, passion, and intimacy. It is easy to be in denial, superficial, and distant. I teach people to have deeper and more REAL relationships ----> REALationships!!!!

In school we learned the three “R’s”: Reading, writing, and arithmetic. There is however, a forth “R”, and it is the “R” of Relationships. For many people, there were few, if any, healthy relationship role models to follow. Therefore, the “R” of Relationships is perhaps THE most important “R” because we all have to interact with others and have various levels of relationships throughout our lives.

The conclusion is simple: It is of the utmost value for all of us to be well equipped in relationship skills. If we never took the time to learn these skills, how can we possibly expect to be successful in our relationships?

The REALationship coaching, training and educational programs provide the basic building blocks of relationship skills. Just has you build a house from the foundation up, so it is with relationships skills. I start with teaching people the basic skills they need to live happy and fulfilling lives, and to have THE most intimate and lasting relationships possible.

REALationships for Everyone – Through a series of individual and group formats, I will provide you with the education, tools and coaching required to have an amazing “relationship with yourself”. Some of the topics include:

1. Discovering your Life Purpose and living it
2. Developing and maintaining healthy boundaries
3. Overcoming fear and doubt, and implementing powerful life management techniques
4. Learning powerful communication strategies and techniques
5. Embracing your sexuality and spirituality
6. Discovering your core values and creating a path of integrity for your life

REALationships for Singles and Single-again – In this structured group or individual program you will:

1. Learn who you really are: Your values, life purpose, patterns, life and relationship vision.
2. Discover what you really want: Your core relationship “deal-breakers” and compatibility needs.
3. And best of all, know how to really get it: You will develop an effective attraction plan, learn powerful communication strategies, know to avoid the “dating traps”, and know how be the “Chooser”.

REALationships 101 for Couples –

1. Married, engaged, or “new” couples
2. Private sessions and classes
3. Learn powerful communication skills to enhance your relationship connection
4. Deepen your intimacy and develop positive rituals that will keep your relationship alive with passion

My goal is for you to live a more fulfilling life, and have the most intimate and lasting relationships possible. And the most important relationship is with your SELF, so I encourage you above all to Marry Your Self First!

Author's Bio: 

I provide mental health counseling, marriage counseling and relationship counseling to help professionals and their families eliminate stress, maximize success and create extraordinary relationships at home, at work and in the community. As a mental health counselor, marriage counselor and relationship counselor my number one goal is to help people live their lives and relationships fully and completely. I've been offering counseling, coaching, and educational programs since 1987. My programs are focused on empowering people to have more successful lives, businesses and relationships. You'll always find FREE Life and Relationship Success Special Reports at http://kendonaldson.com/. I'm also the author of Marry YourSelf First! Say "I DO" to a Life of Passion, Power, Purpose and Prosperity http://www.marryyourselffirstbook.com/