If you are not yet familiar with the Video created to help people market GDI, go visit Video For Profit right away to learn more about this excellent prospecting tool.

Allow me to show you how a business video used for prospecting can be a truly rejection-proof way to explode your GDI organization into something that will provide a full time, lifelong income. The key to the whole video prospecting method is to put your video in front of prospects every day using ad tools like your Blog, YouTube and other Social Media.

Let the Videohandle all the potential rejection for you.

Since you are reading an article from MyIncomeBlog, I’ll use a real-world example to show you how to build your Online Internet Income. For the purposes of this example, we’ll say that your failure rate is as high as 95%, which means that only 1 out of 20 people who watch the Video take a free trial of the GDI income opportunity.

Now, assume you’re starting with an organization of only 10 people, and each of you makes a commitment to have your Video shown to 3 people per day - on what you believe to be one of the most exciting opportunities to earn some extra money that you’ve ever seen.

10 affiliates x 3 cash videos/day = 30 views/day

= 1 or 2 GDI affiliates/day or 30 - 45 new GDI affiliates/month!

The numbers are staggering as more people in your team do the same thing…show the money videos to 3 people per day!

The Video does all the selling, telling and explaining.

The important thing is that you don’t spend a lot of time explaining the GDI opportunity to someone who MAY or MAY NOT have an interest. You let the Video do the tedious work and showing people how and where to signup for their free trial, and then sharing these same prospecting methods with them once they are an affiliate.

Are you ready to show your Video For Profit and begin putting this easy and rejection-proof method of prospecting to work for you? Encourage your team to do the same, and we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the results you see in return for your efforts.

And since you’re not experiencing rejection and you’re not spending a lot of time explaining the business or our product, it will be easy for you to remain excited and energetic about GDI and the money you’re making. Commit To Your Dreams!

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To Your Success,

Kevin Sousa

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