Are you too busy trying not to lose in life and business to learn how to win? Leverage your time and energy the right way to create more of what you want to experience.

“From this moment on, I refuse to settle for less than what I want!” Do you relate to this? Do you know what to do to make it happen?

Is this familiar? You know lots of “proven” ways to get ahead in life or business. You’re active, but not necessarily productive, meaning you seem to move forward, but only so far. You also use Law of Attraction. There’s just one problem: you attract some remarkable items, people, and resources into your life, but block others.

Also, if you believe you have to do more to have more, you’re working in reverse; you’re trying not to lose instead of planning to win. A lot of what you’re doing probably involves inner and outer struggle and frustration as you keep trying to figure out the missing piece or pieces.

If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, it’s because more of your energy goes towards what you don’t want (trying not to lose) than what you do want (planning to win). Can planning to win really be as simple as aligning your energy with what you want, in specific ways, before you take action? If it is this simple, how might this make a difference in your life?

Create this difference when you

• Manage your energy and emotions

• Shift your inner vibration to create desired outer experiences

• Get clear about what you want in a way you’ve probably never done before

• Feel like a magnet for who and what you want to attract into your life personally and professionally

• Identify what’s unique about you and what you do so that your self-confidence and the value of what you offer to others makes you magnetic to ideal people, clients, partners, staff, resources, and opportunities, etc.

• Create a process for yourself that lets you feel comfortable and confident when you talk or write about yourself, your service, or product

• Listen and communicate in ways that create genuine connection and establish relationship and trust

• Increase your creativity so you become a conscious, confident creative

• Increase your income and success

• Experience inspired ideas, next actions, and opportunities flowing into your life more effortlessly and consistently

• Shift from trying not to lose to planning to win to serving through significance

The methods in this eCourse self-empower you to do these and more. You won’t have to guess at what helps you achieve results. The methods are provided to you. You just have to use them.

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Joyce Shafer, LEC, is an author and creator of the 8-week online Reinvent Yourself: Refuse to Settle for Less in Life and Business coaching program where You Decide What You Pay to Participate ( Real methods, real results. PRE-REGISTER for the April 17 program TODAY. Want the eCourse materials, but not the coaching? Available at for $29.95; or $24.95 at her Web Store (direct from her) at Email her for more information.