I’m going to tell you about a healing and refining gel that reduces the appearance of skin dimples and varicose veins? Skin dimples are fat cells under the skin. Cellulite multiplies and worsens when we eat a poor diet and don’t exercise. Even skinny people with high energy levels can have skin dimples if they don’t eat a natural diet. http://www.selfgrowth.com/artman2/admin.cgi?action=articleEdit&num=168459

Varicose veins are veins that have become stretched and swollen with blood because the valve stops working properly. Bulging veins can show up on legs, ankles, and feet. Standing for long periods of time and being overweight cause veins to bulge out. But exercise, particularly brisk walking works great to get the blood flowing in the legs and strengthens the valves of the veins to become fit again.

The unhealthiest foods to eat for vein health are the same ones that cause obesity, weight gain and the appearance of cellulite. Refined foods are the main culprits in the skin dimple epidemic. Refined foods have hydrogenated oils that cause high cholesterol, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, vein issues, hypertension, and eventually heart disease.

The best way to ensure you are receiving a good daily diet is to choose whole, natural food products over the boxed packaged, and wrapped processed foods. Eating a natural diet of whole grains, fruits and vegetables is the best way to eliminate skin dimples. Natural food does not have the refined fat in them that causes all of the above health issues.

Exercising the legs every day with stretching and walking will also really improve the strength of your leg veins. To help speed up the process of looking great from the inside out is to apply this natural skin care refining gel on your varicose veins and skin dimples.

The natural gel I’m talking about penetrates into your pores and starts breaking up fat cells where the toxins are eventually eliminated through natural body processes. The defining gel also firms the area wherever you are applying it. The most popular area for applying the skin refining gel is on the abdomen, upper arms and legs, but you can apply it anywhere you want to reduce cellulite and unsightly veins.

The refining gel is also great for facial wrinkles. When used on a consistent basis, the defining gel reduces the signs of skin dimples, varicose veins and skin dimples. It has been proven to be the perfect companion to the natural body applicator. Use the gel twice a day for immediate and progressive results!

"I put the gel on my legs, arms, buttocks, stomach, neck, eyelids, under the eyes, around lips and mouth. Over time the lines around my lips are diminishing, my eyelids aren't as saggy, (it has brightened up my eyes), my cellulite is going away! My skin feels like a teenager's again! I could go on and on about this product. It is amazing!!" --- Kelli from Wichita, KS

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