North Shore moms need to recharge a healthy sense of identity to manage the frequently high stress, high energy life on the North Shore, says Joyce Marter who recently opened Urban Balance counseling services in Evanston. The investment in time with an effective counselor pays frequent significant dividends for North Shore moms who make the commitment, Marter says. Urban Balance in Evanston will provide quality counselor and therapist services to the entire North Shore.

As much as North Shore moms can benefit from counseling so too can their reluctance be to make the commitment, says Evanston therapist Joyce Marter. Counseling can create balance and help sustain identity while managing multiple roles in a high energy life. If North Shore moms invest the time.

"What happened to me? This is a question I hear a lot," Marter says. "Whether working or not, North Shore moms frequently give out so much to the relationships in their lives that a healthy sense of self identity can begin to wear down."

While frequently perceived as privileged, North Shore moms actually deal with significant stress day to day, Marter says. At her Evanston therapist office, she deals with all the stages of motherhood her clients face. Additionally she frequently helps clients navigate issues of "work, home/life balance and basic issues of identity."

Parenting, relationships, family dynamics - these are all potential stress points for today's North Shore mom. "That's why sometimes you need time and space that a counselor can help create to get back in touch with your true self. Then everything else starts to fall in place."

Committing oneself to acquire new tools can save critical time and cut stress, which is the difference sometimes in the high energy communities and families of the North Shore.

Marter cautions that North Shore moms frequently undervalue how important their emotional health is, not only to themselves but to all their most important relationships.

"I had a mom come in recently who described herself as 'over-committed and under-fulfilled.' That's the the point where a counselor can make a significant difference."

Occasionally though, you need go directly to the source. And that can mean couples counseling. "I frequently see moms dealing with conflict over financial matters with their partner, and that can require both partners to work it out," she says. Family, fertility, children, infidelity are also other common issues a couple must overcome.

Marter adds, "Couples counseling should be perceived as a proactive investment in the health of a marriage."

For those who have never been to therapy Marter says they should not worry too much about preparation. A good counselor will conduct a structured assessment to help guide the goals of the therapy.

"Most importantly you need to carve out time to spend on a commitment to the process," Marter says. An initial foundation can usually be gained once a week over the course of 12 weeks. Many of her clients have continue on with goals of developing strong families and work place relationships.

Finally, Marter mentions that most of her new clients don't understand effective counseling services are covered by many insurance programs. She says to look for a counseling practice, like Urban Balance, with its own billing department that can ensure therapy coverage remains affordable and easy to process.

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