To awaken and develop spiritual perception we must first reconstruct our thoughts and feelings. If we choose to focus our attention on the denial of light we become victims. If we choose to focus our attention on the acceptance of light we become that light.

The reality you live in is nothing more than where your attention lies. The purpose of each soul is to dismantle the negative emotional tendencies acquired through previous acts, words and deeds. To be the emissary of light that you originally chose to be it is important to awaken light within your self. When you do not perceive yourself as a victim you are choosing to acknowledge your personal integrity and life begins to blossom in a balanced way.

Living in a state of balance is a matter of choice. Because our experiences represent the foundation on which we stand and consciousness expresses itself through that foundation, it is important to remember to acknowledge light in every experience you have. Acknowledging the light is a simple process. If a situation arises that you do not like, before you react to it, say this statement out loud, “I acknowledge the light within this situation.” Over time you will find that this simple act will produce positive changes in your reaction to the situation.

The time to let go of the victim role is now, not tomorrow. If you live in tomorrow today, you decrease your energy, your thoughts become scattered and unhealthy emotions set in. If you live in the moment however, your attention to that moment manifests a following moment. Always remember that where your attention lies today determines what lies ahead of you tomorrow.

Love is the avenue we need to walk to develop spiritual perception. When you make a conscious choice of loving more make sure your reason for doing so is not motivated by your personal emotional desires. Rather do so in order to assist in the activation of the divine flame of creative intelligence that lives within everyone. When you perceive the light within another, you are drawing on the strength of your own inner light to do so. This in turn ignites the creative flame within you and everyone's life becomes enriched.

Many people today hold attachments to an outcome. They have a plan with an expectation of what that plan will produce. If the expected results are not met frustration and disappointment set in. Understand that attachment to an outcome gives the ego power to control your life. You are prompted to try again and again to acquire the desired result. When we let go of our attachments to outcomes we surrender our ego to spirit and everything works out appropriately

Spiritual perception is known and understood when we do for the joy of doing. Joy awakens light and light transforms insecurities. This transformation awakens love the true quality of the soul.

Author's Bio: 

A clairvoyant since birth Sayahda has been a teacher of metaphysics for over 30 years. A graduate of the I.A.C Sayahda lived and studied with the faith healers of the Philippines and has traveled the globe giving special guidance to a changing world. She is the author of 3 books and the founder of the Orhai Method of Total Healing.