For those of us buying office furniture, computer chair choices can be positively overwhelming. From ergonomic exercise balls to backless saddle seats and tilted kneeling stools, the selection is growing larger by the day.

So, to help you make your computer chair choice, keep reading for a helpful overview of the new and unique seat choices available on the market today.

Exercise Ball Seating

The idea behind sitting on an exercise ball is that you are forced to have good posture, sit up straight and save your back. The ball is also said to work your core abdominal muscles because you spend your day balancing and therefore flexing those muscles as you maintain an upright position.

That said, spending hours and hours on an exercise ball chair can cause pain in the upper legs for some individuals and isn't recommended for those with tailbone or lower back pain. The lack of support can prevent a tailbone injury from properly healing.

When choosing an exercise ball chair, it's important to select one that's properly sized for you. A chair that's too big will raise you too high over the keyboard, forcing you to rest your wrists as you type. A chair that's too low will force your thighs and knees up while your arms strain to reach the desk. Most balls come in optional 45 cm, 55 cm, 65 cm or 75 cm dimensions, so choose accordingly.

Kneeling Chair

A kneeling chair essentially forces you into a downward kneeling position. This seating arrangement then keeps your spine erect, therefore alleviating upper back and arm strain when working at a computer. Remember though, it's important to make sure the stool is properly adjusted to fit you or it can cause uncomfortable cramping.

The one drawback of kneeling stools is that they can be hard on the knees after prolonged use. Before you buy, make sure you get one that offers ample padding on the knee pad or consider purchasing a stool with a Tempurpedic knee rest.

Saddle Seating Position

When it comes to office furniture, computer chair companies always want to sell you on overpriced, ergonomic wonders that come complete with hundreds of adjustable levers and mechanisms. But, sometimes simple is better.

That's where the backless saddle seat comes in - it's simple, but basically engages the user to sit in a comfortable position that causes almost no strain on the back.

But, the saddle seat isn't an automatic sell - the position forced on individuals when sitting in a saddle seat takes some getting used to. We all know that office furniture, computer chair choices and cubicle layout are all contentious subjects and highly customizable. Well, the saddle chair is no exception. Because the seating position is often an acquired fit, buyers should take these chairs for a test spin before they invest.

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