I often recognize God’s blessings after the fact, because for me, it’s a lot harder to see the blessings while in the throes of any particular challenge.

Over the past year, my experiences were often distressing and overwhelming. At times, I even doubted that I could endure another day of being tested, overcoming upheaval and many financial setbacks; car repairs, relationships, or whether I could even continue to survive from day-to-day. I felt I was going through and failing each test imaginable – daily!

It was during this time that I remembered a heartfelt talk a friend gave. He shared a story about his job and health challenges that he was facing. I’m sure that talked touched all of those who heard it. To the best of my recollection, there was hardly a dry eye in the audience. As I recall, he said he’d learned to welcome the tests and challenges that come into his life, because doing that allows him to go deep within to come up with creative ways to get through these tests and so enter a higher state of consciousness. It awed me that he really feels so strongly about hardships and challenges, so much so that he actually welcomes each and every one! I began looking forward to the day that I would be able to reach that state of acceptance.

Am I getting better at recognizing God’s blessings in all of my hardships, tests and experiences? More often than not, I don’t think to ask Divine Spirit at the time I’m in the experience, “Why these things are happening for me” but eventually I do remember, and then I know, with ever fiber of my being, that I’m blessed with each painful step I take. And I recognize it even more when I’m able to get out of my own way. I am, after all, part of a divine solution to my problems! And when I’ve had enough and I surrender all, completely, that’s when I fully recognize God’s blessings. When I recognize that I’m Soul – that I cannot be wronged, injured, broken or stolen from – then I’m truly recognizing God’s blessings knowing all the while that I am cloaked in the arms of God’s love. When I can look at my fellow man with all his fears, insecurities, judgments, loving qualities and other attributes, and recognize myself in him, then I am recognizing God’s blessings.

Last year, I’d resolved to be accountable and responsible for paying my own way to a Worldwide Spiritual Seminar in Minneapolis. It was a goal I had set and I was determined to do whatever was necessary to reach that goal. Now when I look back on all the occurrences – the negative forces and vibes – I realize that it was all part of a Divine Plan - God’s plan. Just as I was feeling reassured that I’d put together all of the finances for my air fare, hotel and other expenses, a car repair, towing bill and a parking ticket ate up most of the funds for the trip. I had to work many hours, including working up to a few hours before my scheduled departure time, to recoup the funds. Lack of sleep and a bad back didn’t make things easier either. People close to me kept telling me I was pushing myself too hard… it wasn’t worth it. Others tried to persuade me to reconsider my decision - change my plans. But the more they questioned my decision, the more my determination prevailed, and in the end I boarded that plane to Minneapolis!

While at the Seminar, I attended a workshop where one of the facilitators told a beautiful story of waking up one day with a joyful expectation and sensing that something wonderful was going to happen in her life. Something did happen. She met with a terrible accident on the freeway, and she almost died. She told about her experiences and all the insights she received while incapacitated for several months - always seeing the blessings in the events that occurred. A strained relationship with her ex-husband got resolved and the relationship with her daughter became closer and stronger. She taught the medical staff about singing a love song to God, the word HU, after they observed her recovery and told them how it helped her through a difficult procedure.

Now, I too start each day with joyful expectation! I am always doing my best and being my best and I declare, “Today is a new day, a new beginning. I have much to give and receive today”. And I know each day is another opportunity for me to practice recognizing God’s blessings in everything! I learned that upheaval in my life is all about change. Mostly it’s about changing my viewpoint. But there’s one part of me that wants to be in control; another part of me wants to accept what is. Soul, the real me, wants me to rest in the arms of God’s love and recognize blessings in everything, while at the same time, doing the best I can in every situation – no matter what I’m going through.

When I stop to realize God’s love is already there and that I’m exactly where I need to be, that’s when I know the blessings of God is everywhere, in everything.

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