Has the romance in your relationship survived after children? Can the absent love and sex be rekindled? Learn to reawaken the romance of yesterday.

Many couples are both emotionally and physically drained as a result caring for children and lovingly watching them grow. Usually both parents have been deprived of sleep, privacy, time uninterrupted, time away together, romantic sojourns and of course the acts of unhurried and unscheduled sex.

However as parents, we must teach our children love by having a loving relationship with our partner. Can we be both compassionate parent and passionate lover?

As women 40 years plus, we may have grown adult children still living at home, or be one of many women in mid-life who still have a younger family and are yet to get the kids 'off our hands'.

When we continue to have other people under the same roof, whether they are children still at school, grown adults, or even our parents depending on us to care for them, it is difficult to find the privacy or the energy we need to spend quality time with our partner and keep the romance alive.

Tips to rekindle the flame and keep the candle burning with your partner when you share your living arrangements with others:

• Call each other by a pet name. Do not call them "Mum, mommy, dad or daddy" these names do not encourage sexiness.

• Ensure you greet your partner after a long day at work with a kiss, a hug and ask how their day was. Stop your current activity to welcome them home then continue with the job at hand, such as preparing dinner, supervising homework etc. Do not ignore them or take them for granted. Remember back when you were dating and the hours of separation were agony?

• Schedule time to be alone. Create anticipation. Be a little devious if necessary.

• Place a love note in their lunch box, leave a flirty message on their voicemail or send a tempting email in the early afternoon to create eagerness.

• Bring excitement into the sexual act with a variety of locations i.e. a different room, sexy lingerie, flirt and tease to spice up routine sex.

Many couples find excuses to not have a healthy relationship with their partners such as tiredness, lack of money, lack of time and lack of libido.

Make the time to communicate, share the household responsibilities, get take away or just light a candle on the verandah instead of eating in front of the tv. Simply hold each other, gently touch, rediscover and reawaken those memories of yesterday and begin your honeymoon for life.

As your relationship is your top priority, do not allow obstacles to stand in the way of reawakening your romance.

If you find there are obstacles, push them aside and get on with getting on again.

Rekindle that flame and flirt like you did BC (before children), and create the ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS relationship.

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Danette Hibberd,
Wellness Instructor,
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