Are you looking for alternative investment options? With the volatility of today’s stock market, investors are seeking alternative investment options that can provide both current income streams and capital appreciation. One option that is capturing the attention of millions of investors is that of commercial real estate.

Here are some of the primary reasons to invest into commercial real estate:

1. Commercial properties often consist of multiple units, whereas residential investment properties consist of single or double units. Increased units offer multiple rental options, yielding a greater current income stream for the investor.

2. Commercial properties are often more expensive for investors to acquire, offering greater profit margins- greater investment, greater financial reward.

3. A small percentage of real estate investors venture into the realm of commercial properties. Therefore, there is less competition within this niche, offering a strong financial upside opportunity for those who do take the step.

4. Because commercial properties involve multiple units, investors often delegate day to day responsibilities to a management company. While there is an added cost associated, this cost is considered part of the overall acquisition cost for a commercial property. And overall, management companies allow the investor to focus on more important tasks, such as investing and portfolio management, rather than day to day property or tenant issues.

5. Commercial real estate can provide a hedge to an investor’s overall portfolio, as real estate reacts differently than traditional investments during market changes. When building a well balanced investment portfolio, multiple asset class categories are required to capitalize on the best overall yield, and that balance includes real estate.

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