Heres the scary truth about real work at home jobs, they are few and far apart. Yes, you can find them; yes there are many legitimate work at home companies out there, but many of them have hundreds of candidates banging on their door. Its not that scams override real work at home jobs; its that the competition for every single one of these jobs is staggering.

Reality is not something many work at home job searchers want to deal with. But its time you do. When you're a novice looking on the internet for a real work at home job the last thing you want to admit is that you cant make millions of dollars from many of the jobs posted online. And this is one way your competition manages to get ahead of you.

While you're looking for the next big money maker your competition is tweaking their resume, sending out cover letters, attending industry meetings and making contacts, getting up to date on the latest job requirements via ezines and blogs and applying creativity as well as common sense to their job hunt.

This is why when real work at home jobs seem to turn up they're already full. Your competition is already positioning themselves to take the next available position.

Majority of searchers don't take the process of looking for work at home jobs seriously. They figure its the internet, theres money to be made and for some reason they're entitled to it, regardless of whether or not their qualified.

Qualification is the first thing companies look for. All real work at home job agencies require you to be proficient in the tasks you're asked to do.

People who hire work at home agents do so to save time and money. They don't want to use up time or money to train someone on how to do the job. They expect that you know what you're doing and that you're using the most current methods.

Even if you are qualified, landing the job isn't any easier. You may have a slight advantage over your inexperienced opposition but you're still competing with at least 20 people who are just as, or more, qualified than you are.

Setting yourself apart is the real name of the game, when it comes to getting real work at home jobs. How are you a better candidate than those who offer the same service? You're competing with hundreds of people online. You need to be able to prove that you are the best one for the job.

This is why looking for real work at home jobs is not easy for many. Once you manage to dodge the scams you then have the task of constantly marketing yourself. Most folks don't like marketing. They have trouble selling themselves and they get nervous when they are asked to step outside their comfort zone. But all real work at home jobs require you to do so.

Real work at home jobs do exist. Perhaps not in the quantity we would like, but they are available. You need to change your approach when looking for them, and you need to be fast because your competition isn't getting any smaller.

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Jeff Casmer is a leading legitimate work at home expert and is a work from home business owner. His "Top Ranked" Real Work at Home Jobs Directory gives you all the information you need to Work at Home in the 21st century.