Real estate sales is a tough road when you look like and sound like every other agent. First off there are too many agents in every market, so if you can’t find a way for people to recognize you as the agent they want to work with your swimming up stream with little hope of survival. Like so many agents each year you’ll wear out or starve out and leave the industry.

You don’t want to be unique by being strange or dishonest about your background. One way to find your uniqueness is to think about what you’re passionate about and involved with now. This approach helps you to both enjoy greater real estate sales and whatever you’re passionate about at the same time.

How can being passionate about something unrelated to real estate help you to increase your real estate sales? Let’s say you really love horses. You like to ride horses, you go to horse related events, and you know or have the opportunity to meet other people who are also passionate about horses. This insider knowledge with that particular group and the mere association you have with your fellow horse lovers gives you an opportunity superior to other agents. Who do you understand better than the competition?

The reward in terms of real estate sales comes from being able to position yourself with the group. Based on your understanding of the group that you share a passion with, how can you position yourself to better serve them? In the horse example you might say that you help horse lovers to find properties that provide a good home for both the horses and their owners.

Your uniqueness puts you one up over the competition. Because the other members of the group already know you, you share a common passion, and they know you clearly understand them and their needs better than an outsider these people will look to you first. When you work with people from the group that you share a passionate with they will tell the other members in the group what a great job you did, as long as that’s true, helping them to find the perfect property. So you have testimonials and referrals happening within the group, and pretty soon you’re known as the go to real estate agent for horse lovers. Building on the groups that you’re already passionate about will help you to almost effortlessly grow your real estate sales while having a lot of fun along the way.

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