Let's face it. Times are tough. Everything seems to be on a price increase except the paycheck.

When the economy goes sour and times are tough it creates an open market for negativity. Fear-based motivation is the last thing we need in order to make sound decisions. Yet, it moves in with ease.

Unless, of course, we keep on the look-out, and stop it dead in its tracks.

The other day a friend suggested that when things get really bad, it is in order to grab our attention. An alert for us to make needed changes.

We cannot deny this is taking place today. Global warming, alternative energy sources, transportation innovations, being pro-active with our environment . . . . Topics of discussion in our recent past that now ring with a sense of urgency. Let's get it done as quickly as possible.

Now is the time to reinvent ourselves as well. What changes can we make that will bring us through these tough times? When change surrounds us, we must become compatible with it. If we swim upstream we will surely drown.

Remain positive in your quest for behavioral change. Change based in fear will not prove successful. Fear is negative. It is punitive.

Look for solutions, new ways of doing things, rather than focusing on the problem. Examine all areas of your life. Include family, mental, and spiritual as well as your work life.

Clear the mind. Go within and ask questions. Make note of all ideas, suggestions, and possibilities that present themselves.

What do your clients need during these times? How can you provide your customers with what they need, and meet your needs as well? What would be an ideal win-win solution, and how can you make it happen?

What kind of changes can be made to strengthen family ties during this time? What new and novel ideas for entertainment and vacations present themselves? Give thought to activities promoting quality time that are more altruistic than materialistic in nature. How might hard times create a closer bonding of family?

In what new ways can you help others? Ways of giving back. Making a difference. Hard times may create an opportunity to leave your spiritual mark. By helping others, we help ourselves.

Care for your mental well-being. Stand firm under stress. You must be your best for yourself and for others. Look for daily activities that relieve stress and strengthen coping skills. Promote and maintain a center of happiness and peace. Keep the mind positive, clear and open, receptive for innovative ideas . . . Ideas that will come to fruition in your successful reinvention.

Let's be honest. Tough times or not, shouldn't we always be in the process of reinventing ourselves?

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Paul Keene is recognized for his work with ADHD where he has achieved success by using a unique combination of energy psychology, nutrition, and learning techniques. His new e-book, The ABC's of ADHD, is available this fall.

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